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Logs of US Army Vessels

At various times in the US Army's history, the Quartermaster General directed the operations of Army-owned and -contracted vessels for the movement and supplying of soldiers. The Continental Army utilized vessels during the Revolutionary War as early as 1775, and the US Army directed vessels for logistical support during operations on the frontier as early as 1792. However, NARA has received few logs of US Army vessels, and our holdings of these logs mostly reflect the movement of supplies and personnel during the time of the Spanish-American War (1898) and the subsequent Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902). Information provided in these series varies widely, but often includes name and location, date, name of commander, meteorological data, operations conducted and fuel/coal expended.

All series of logbooks and related records listed below are part of the Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General (Record Group 92) and are located at the National Archives Building (Archives I) in downtown Washington DC, except where noted. Links to descriptions and finding aids are included when available.

Logs of US Vessels 1860-70
Entry (NM-81) 1455, National Archives Identifier 4719550
List forthcoming

Log of Arrival and Departure Dates of U.S. Vessels at Pier 22, June 1899-Jan. 1900
Entry (NM-81) 1796, National Archives Identifier 4700567

Logbook of Activity of at Pier 22, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 1898-Mar. 1902
Entry (NM-81) 1797, National Archives Identifier 4700568

Logs of US Army Transports 1899-1901
Entry (NM-81) 1838, National Archives Identifier 4705624
List forthcoming

Abstracts of Logs of US Army Vessels 1899-1916
Entry (NM-81) 1839, National Archives Identifier 4705625

Engineer Log and Crew List for the USAT Terry
Entry (NM-81) 1863, National Archives Identifier 4706547

Other important related records include Lists of US Army Transports for World War I (located at Archives II in College Park, MD), Charters, Bills of Lading, Claims Papers, Plans and Correspondence Relating to Vessels (Vessel File) 1834-1900, (RG 92, Entry (NM-81) 1403, National Archives Identifier 656386) and Papers Pertaining to Vessels of or Involved with the Confederate States of America "Vessel Papers" (Microfilm publication M909).

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