Military Records

Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library (RG 45)

Many different types of Navy logs and logbooks are available for research in the Records of the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library (RG45). This office, which began in 1800 as a small library collecting books from decommissioned US Navy vessels, was later funded directly by Congress and charged with maintaining historical manuscripts, official records, and other materials, as well as collecting contemporary records that could be used for then-current studies and future use. Logs for vessels and stations not located in the main series of logbooks (Logs of US Naval Ships and Stations 1801-1946 Record Group 24, Entry 118, National Archives Identifier 581208), may be found in several series in this Record Group. Other logbooks located in RG 45 include communication logs, personal journals, logs and journals of special expeditions, as well as some US and foreign merchant vessel logs, logbooks of foreign Navy vessels, etc.

All records in this Record Group (RG 45) are described in the finding aid Inventory of the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library and is available online at the website of the Naval Historical and Heritage Command.

Please find below citations, including links to item lists, of logs and logbooks described in RG 45. For more information about the history of the U.S. Navy, please visit the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Logs and Logbooks in Record Group 45

Entry 232 Communications Logs and Messages of US Naval Vessels, Forces, Bases, and Squadrons 1924-29
National Archives Identifier 1729138

Entry 237 Flight Logs of the first Navy Airplanes 1911-14
National Archives Identifier 1729310

Entry 296 Logs, Journals, and Navigation Books of German and Dutch Commercial and Naval Vessels 1902-1918
National Archives Identifier 1740121

Entry 437 Station Log of Mare Island 1854-56 1 vol
National Archives Identifier 1745017

Entry 456 Station Logs of Brooklyn Navy Yard 1834-47 gaps 7 vols
National Archives Identifier 1750669

Entry 468 Station Logs of Pensacola 1837-1875 12 vols
National Archives Identifier 1752374

Entry 481 Station of Logs of Portsmouth NH Navy Yard 1840-45 3 vols
National Archives Identifier 1756021

Entry 492 Station Log - Washington Navy Yard 1822-1830 1 vol
National Archives Identifier 1756152

Entry 581 Logs of British Vessels 1775-1899
National Archives Identifier 1768589

Entry 594 Logs of German Merchant Vessel RHAETIA 1882-98
National Archives Identifier 1772602

Entry 598 Log of Spanish Naval Cruiser CRISTOBOL COLON
National Archives Identifier 1781407

Entry 599 Log of Spanish Naval Transport MANILA
National Archives Identifier 1786879

Entry 608 Logs and Journals Kept by US Naval Officers March 1776-June 1908
National Archives Identifier 1801187
List in alphabetical order by ship name
Chronological list of logs (according to date of first entry)

Entry 609 Logs and Journals of American Privateers and State Navy and Merchant Vessels 1776-1867
National Archives Identifier 1801198

Entry 659 Logs of Confederate Privateers
National Archives Identifier 1871988

Entry 660 Logs and Journals of CS Navy Vessels and Battery Brooke 1861-65
National Archives Identifier 1872023

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