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Kern-Clifton Roll and Additional Resources

Roll of Cherokee Freedmen (Kern-Clifton Roll, 01/16/1897)

To fill in omissions and correct discrepancies in the Wallace Rolls, Commissioners William Clifton, William Thompson, and Robert H. Kern compiled a roll listing Cherokee Freedmen’s name, position in family, age, sex, district of residence, and other information. The roll is divided into sections for authenticated and contesting (admitted) Freedmen and their descendants. Family groups are generally listed to­gether.

Access digitized copies of these records for free through the National Archives. Visit the National Archives Catalog for a full records description: National Archives Identifier 300322. Please note: the Access Genealogy website provides a searchable database.

Additional Resources

The following records supplement the Wallace and Kern-Clifton Rolls. For more information, you can email the National Archives at Washington DC. Please note: these records are not currently online or microfilmed.

  • Affidavits Relating to Cherokee Citizenship, 1889-1890, National Archives Identifier: 2123881
  • Letters Received Relating to Cherokee Citizenship , 1875-1889, National Archives Identifier: 2123873
  • Drafts of Census Rolls Relating to Cherokee Citizenship, 1889-1890, National Archives Identifier: 2123893
  • Supplementary Census Rolls, 1891-1892, National Archives Identifier: 2123938
  • Rolls of Shawnee Cherokee, 1889-1896, (this is also known as the Dickson Roll), National Archives Identifier 2123954
  • Index to the Cherokee Freedmen Payment Roll, 1897 (National Archives Identifier 1949698)
  • Cherokee Freedmen Payment Roll, 1897 (National Archives Identifier 1949712)
  • Supplemental Payment Roll for Cherokee Freedmen, 1897 (National Archives Identifier 1949732)
  • Exhibits for Cherokee Freedmen Payment Rolls, 1897 (National Archives Identifier 1950093)

Related Records

List of Applicants as Freedmen, 1897 - 1897, National Archives Identifier 649621. Contact the National Archives at Fort Worth for more information.

If you are unable to locate your ancestor in the Kern-Clifton Roll, consider searching the Wallace Roll of Cherokee Freedmen.