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Bureau of Indian Affairs Records


The BIA gathered, collected, and created numerous rolls involving American Indians to identify members of various tribes and bands, including Freedmen. These rolls were created as a result of allotments, legislation, removals, treaties, and other activities. The BIA then used these rolls to create additional documentation—often using the same rolls for multiple purposes. Because the purpose of the rolls varies, the information collected also varies.

BIA rolls can contain names, enrollment numbers, ages, family relations, locations, and more. Below is a sample of available rolls.

Detailed Information on Select Rolls

Examples of Rolls Related to American Indians

Please note: Most of these records have not yet been digitized.

Roll Tribe(s) Additional Details Contact for more information
Cherokee Emigration Rolls, 1817–1838 Cherokee

National Archives Identifier 595427

Sample Register of Cherokee Indians who have Emigrated to the West

National Archives in Washington, DC
1830 Armstrong Roll
(Also known as the Census Concerning Choctaw Removal)

National Archives Identifier 2124153

Free online index at Access Genealogy

National Archives in Washington, DC

Muster Rolls Concerning Indian Removal, 1832–1846

(Also known as Miscellaneous Muster Rolls, Entry 301)

See microfilm description M1831, roll 1, for the complete list of tribes.

National Archives Identifier 2124810 or microfilm publication M1831

Digitized in the National Archives Catalog

National Archives in Washington, DC

Eastern Cherokee Census Rolls, 1836–1884

(This is a compilation of multiple rolls.)


National Archives Identifier 2110769 or microfilm publication M1773

Digitized in the National Archives Catalog

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National Archives in Washington, DC
Osage Annuity Rolls, 1870–1960 Osage Osage Annuity Rolls for 1878–1907 are available on in-house microfilm publication 7RA-35, National Archives Identifier 1068138. National Archives at Fort Worth
Grazing Payment Rolls, 1923–1928 Yakama Indian Nation National Archives Identifier 5725683 National Archives at Seattle