National Archives at St. Louis

Finding Aids and Name Indexes

The National Archives has assembled a catalog to our records.  

The catalog provides detailed descriptions of the series we, and other NARA facilities, hold. These descriptions can help researchers determine what series they should be requesting from and where those series may be. The descriptions also provide citation information for the individual record groups and their proper titles. 


Additionally, here is a quick guide to our non OMPF Archival Records Series.


Here are some examples of record descriptions found in the NARA catalog:

Chaplain Files, Monthly Reports and Personnel Records, 1920 – 1950

Official Military Personnel Files, 1905 – 1998, U.S.M.C. – You can search for individuals within this series!

Tan Son Nhut Mortuary Records, 1966 - 1972

Civilian Personnel Files, 1939 – 1951, Department of Defense, Department of the Army/Air Force


Outside of the catalog, our website provides some descriptions of our collections:

Auxiliary military records

Auxiliary records are often used to supplement Army and Air Force OMPFs that may have been effected by the 1973 fire. However, they may also be requested individually and independently of the OMPF.

Persons of Exceptional Prominence

Historically significant individuals such as military heroes, political leaders, cultural figures, celebrities, and entertainers that are open to the public.

Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs)

Official Personnel Folders (OPFs) ; Federal Employing Agencies with OPFs

Alien's Personal History and Statement, 1942-1945, Michigan


Helpful Presentations Given by Staff

2018 Jefferson County Genealogy Fair.pdf