National Archives at Chicago

Hayward Indian School Records

Hayward Indian School, Hayward, Wisconsin

Decimal Correspondence Files, 1910-1934

Letters Received by the Superintendent, 1908-1914

General Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1914-1931

Census Rolls (Lac Courte Oreilles Band), 1914-1917

Records Related to Employees at Hayward Indian School, 1911-1922

Personnel Files, 1913-1922

Record of Employees, 1901-1934

Building Repair Ledger for Hayward Indian School, 1913-1917

Cost Ledgers, 1918-1934

Journals of Receipts and Disbursements, 1904-1911

Appropriation Ledgers, 1917-1933

Record of Authorities, 1907-1925

Analyzed Liabilities, 1916-1917

Check Registers, 1917-1933

General Financial Records, 1912-1923

Depository Banks' General Records, 1915-1930

Timber Contracts, 1895-1920

Individual Indian Accounts Related to Timber Sales, 1894-1910

Individual Indian Money Accounts-Pupils, 1927-1933

Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1918-1930

Receipts for Patents Received, 1908

Certificates of Completion of Timber Contracts, 1908

Transfer Ledger, 1911-1918

Check Registers-Individual Indian Money, 1917-1933

Trial Balance Registers, 1894-1910

Journals of Sundries Payments to Indians, 1894-1911

Scalers' Reports, 1904-1907

Allotment Statements, 1918-1926

General School Records/Copies of General Letters Sent, 1923-1928

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