Federal Records Centers

Diverting your Agency’s Records Originally Bound for Denver to the Kingsridge Federal Records

November 10, 2014


Dear Valued Customer:

The Federal Records Centers Program (FRCP) maintains physical control of nearly 648 thousand cubic feet of records at the Denver Federal Records Center.  At the present time, the center is effectively full; available storage space for records is insufficient to accommodate the volume of new materials anticipated. We are now considering space as a single entity across our entire portfolio of 24 buildings clustered into 18 FRCs. System wide, we are at 93% capacity. In order to use this space most effectively as directed by OMB memo M-12-12, Section 3, we will be implementing diversions from FRCs that are full to, FRCs with space available.

Beginning with SF135s approved on November 24, 2014, we will begin diverting your agency’s records originally bound for Denver to the Kingsridge Federal Records Center (FRC), located at 8801 Kingsridge Drive in Dayton, OH 45458.

We are committed to an efficient and smooth transition of this new policy for our customers. On November 24, 2014, please submit your SF 135s to the Kingsridge FRC for approval. Each office submitting an SF 135 will receive communication at the time of approval with instructions that detail how to ship the records to Kingsridge. Additionally, there is no change when requesting your records through ARCIS.

Based on this, we anticipate a three-to-four-day transit time on records shipping from Kingsridge (Dayton, OH).  We recommend that you plan your requests for records accordingly to meet your business need.

Please note that this diversion only involves records you normally would have transferred to the Denver FRC. The Washington National Records Center (WNRC) will continue to store all classified materials maintained within the FRCP system. 

FRCP staff members work diligently to provide high-quality, cost-effective records storage for our customers, and we appreciate your partnership with us as we build on our shared commitment to preserving Federal records. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the records diversion or other FRCP services. 

Please feel free to contact your account manager.


Director, Federal Records Centers Program