Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Records of the Office of Strategic Services (RG 226)

Notice to Researchers in Records Released under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act

The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), in implementing the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act, has taken the broadest view in identifying records that may be responsive to the Acts. Information relevant to the Acts is often found among files related to other subjects. In order to preserve the archival integrity of the files, the IWG and the National Archives and Records Administration, where possible, have released entire files together, not just those items related to Nazi or Japanese war criminals, crimes, persecution, and looted assets. These records may relate to persons who are war criminals, former Axis personnel who are not war criminals, victims of war crimes or persecution, or civilian or military personnel investigating Nazi activities; the records may also include mention of, or information about, persons having no connection to these activities.

Records of the Office of Strategic Services 1940-1946
(Record Group 226)

(For earlier releases, see the Report to the IWG on Previously Classified OSS Records.)

Contents of RG 226:

Terms, Names, Organizational Abbreviations, and Code Words in OSS Records

Sources & Methods Files ("Previously Withdrawn Material")

Director's Office Files (Donovan microfilm or Director OSS Official Files)

Records relating to Personnel

Additional OSS Records:

Records Relating to Special Funds

Special Funds were monies spent on, and in support of, intelligence operations. The money came from accounts designated as special (unvouchered) funds, which could be spent without detailed auditing. For more information, see

Special Funds Records Scope and Content Note in the National Archives Catalog. (Entry P-1) [230/86/45/3 - 46/1]
Folder list

Classified British Intercepts

The classified British intercept documents consist of translations of German message traffic intercepted by the British. The records relate to military intelligence matters. Topics include reports of battles; German and Allied troop movements and personnel assignments; arrangements for communications and meetings; requests for, and permissions to disburse, gold and other currencies; and local personnel matters.

The messages are identified by sending and receiving city. Most of the intercepts are of messages to or from cities in Yugoslavia. Other messages are to or from cities in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey, and the USSR. Although most of the folders' labels say that the messages are only from one city to another, many of the folders include messages between the two cities listed.

Classified British Intercept Documents, 1943-1945 (Entry A1-223) [Reference Set: 250/64/33/7 - 34/1]
Folder list

War Diary Documentation-20 rolls of microfilm (Entry A1 226) [250/64/34/2]
Roll list

Shanghai Municipal Police Files, F.R. Frazee Papers, and Other OSS Records (Entry A1-222) Boxes 1-7. [190/38/27/5]

Secret Intelligence Branch Indices relating to Special Operations Projects, Secret Intelligence Projects, and Cable Files, 1942-1947 (Entry UD156A-C. [190/903/28/1 - 4]