Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Records of the Office of Strategic Services (RG 226): Entry 220

Entry 220

Boxes 1-2. Location: 250/64/33/7. CIA Accession: 93-00301R

Box # Subject/Record/Information
1 Records relating to U.S.-Portuguese double-agent Antonio Afonso Charro, and German Intelligence plans to send Portuguese sabotage agents to the U.S., May 10 and 12, 1943, 4 pp. [WN#25794]
Memorandum on British activities in Syria, August 16, 1946, 6 pp. [WN#25796]
Records relating to Seaman Karl Aage Valdemar Pedersen, who carried OSS information from Norway to Sweden, supplied maps of Denmark and Germany, and reported on shipping in Germany, ca. August 25, 1945, 3 pp. [WN#25797]
Records relating to, and information supplied by, Ignac Schultz, who reported on developments in Hungary and Sweden, ca. March 1943 - September 1944, ca. 100 pp. [WN#25798]
Report with biographical information about French naval intelligence officers in Casablanca, Morocco, October 18, 1944, 5 pp. [WN#25799]
Special Funds records from Lisbon, Portugal, ca. November 1942 - September 1945, ca. 600 pp. [WN#26976 - WN#27045]
Special Funds records from London, England, ca. March 1944 - June 1945, ca. 30 pp. [WN#27046 - WN#27056]
Memoranda relating to the satisfaction of the Holy See and the OSS with the work of Major Felix Pasqualino in Rome, Italy, April 7 and 23, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#27057]
Memorandum relating to the mission of 1st Lt. Michael Q. Shaughnessy to the San Francisco conference "for the purpose of establishing connections on behalf of the SI Branch in the aid of the penetration of North China," June 18, 1945, 1 p. [WN#27074]
Records relating to Morale Operations (MO) personnel of the Middle East Theater, December 23, 1943 - February 15, 1944, 10 pp. [WN#27081]
2 Personnel related records of Albert K. Trout, Jr., who served in Lisbon, Portugal, ca. January 1943 - July 1945, ca. 125 pp. [WN#27086]
Records relating to Randolph Guesus [or Gusus]
, who provided exemplary service in Morocco and Tangier, ca. February 11, 1943 and March 27, 1944, 5 pp. [WN#27280]
Letters nos. 24 and 41 from Dave [in the Middle East]
, October 20, 1944 and February 14, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#27284]
Records relating to awards given to Randolph Mohammed Gusus, Karl Victor Clopet, and Charles Albert Elazar, February 1945 and October 1946, 6 pp. [WN#27290]
Special Funds records from Kandy, Ceylon, September 1944 - February 1945, 8 pp. [WN#27733 and WN#27734]
Special Funds records from London, England, ca. April 1944 - November 1945, ca. 65 pp. [WN#27735 - WN#27749]