Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Records of the Office of Strategic Services (RG 226): Entry 217

Entry 217

Boxes 1-4. Location: 250/64/33/5. CIA Accession: 92-00687R

Box # Subject/Record/Information
1 Records relating to Nazi activities in Argentina, the relationship between the Basque Delegation and the allied information services, and biographical information about agents used in the Airedale Plan and the Twilight Mission, ca. April 1943 - June 1945, ca. 50 pp. [WN#21236]
"Report on a Trip Made to West African Coast by A. D. Hutcheson, July 25 - October 25, 1942," 21 pp. [WN#21240]
Correspondence to and from Egypt, Iran, Iraq and other countries, ca. July 1943 - June 1946, ca. 200 pp. [WN#21241]
Supplements to lists of code names used in written reports from Istanbul, Turkey, October 1943, 4 pp. [WN#21243]
Austrian special funds records, including disbursements for Projects CAVIAR, CROWN, and SYMPHONY, ca. March 1945 - October 1946, ca. 100 pp. [WN#26495 - WN#26498 and WN#26515 - WN#26518]
Bucharest, Rumania special funds records, ca. February - May 1945, ca. 30 pp. [WN#26501 - WN#26506]
Letter discussing the possibility of letting Erika Mann go to Sweden under the cover of writing for Liberty magazine, November 12, 1943, 1 p. [WN#26507]
Records relating to the Hungarian Project, which sought to revive the Geneva Press Service, ca. August 1942, 6 pp. [WN#26520]
Records relating to oil industry analyst Gabriel Dichter, October 1942 - June 1944, ca. 30 pp. [WN#26523]
Reports about the activities of various Serbian and Croatian organizations and individuals by, and records relating to, Stanley Karan, ca. March 1942 - January 1945, ca. 100 pp. [WN#26529]
2 Records relating to possible agent Arthur T. Peterson, July - November 1943, ca. 20 pp. [WN#26531]
. Topics include a 1930s German-Swedish bond deal arranged by Svenska Handelsbanker, and facilitated by relations between Lee Lane and senior Nazi leader Hermann Goering. Reports about developments in Spain by, and records relating to, Ione Robinson, May - December 1942, ca. 50 pp. [WN#26533]
. Records relating to Philip Rodgers, the Council for Democracy, and plans to use Catholics and Catholic organizations for collecting information and propaganda purposes, ca. November 1941 - September 10, 1942, ca. 100 pp. [WN#26534]
Records relating to Baron Guy de Rothschild, June 29, 1942 - March 19, 1943, ca. 50 pp. [WN#26535]
. Topics include developments in France; a trip to Canada to report on the personnel and activities of the Eastern Provinces Administration, Ltd.; and the possible use of his family's business interests. Records relating to Claude de Saint-Phalle, including his plans for establishing a book exchange between the U.S. and France, and for polling public opinion in France, March 6, 1942 - January 3, 1945, ca. 50 pp. [WN#26536]
Records relating to Eugene Alfred Sommers, President of utility companies on the island of Mallorca [sic]
and the Canary Islands, October 17, 1942 - April 19, 1943, ca. 50 pp. [WN#26537]
Special Funds records from Switzerland, ca. February 1945 - September 1946, ca. 150 pp. [WN#26555 - WN#26583]
Weekly Report of the 11th SCI Unit, France, February 13, 1945, 4 pp. [WN#26585]
Records relating to "Francisco," an OSS double agent from Barcelona, and the information he obtained from GIS agents in France, February - April 1945, 16 pp. [WN#26586 - WN#26590]
SCI Unit 88, France, weekly report, November 25, 1944, 2 pp. [WN#26591]
Report on members of the French intelligence service, July 6, 1945, 5 pp. [WN#26592]
Records from X-2 Paris, France, relating to double-agents code named Caesar, Homer, Cato, Bagpipe, and Mac, March - November 1945, ca. 25 pp. [WN#26593 - WN#26599]
3 Biographical information about, and records relating to operations involving, OSS agent Mac in France and Spain, ca. December 1944, 15 pp. [WN#26601 -- WN#26603]
Memorandum from James Angleton to Chief, X-2, OSS, ETO, discussing German peace-feelers in Italy, the OSS double-agent in the Vatican, and the murder of 15 OSS men near Spezia, Italy by members of the German Intelligence Service in March 1944; n.d., 1 p. [WN#26605]
X-2 Paris, France records relating to former Abwehr officer turned informant "Jigger," ca. September 1944 - June 1945, 17 pp. [WN#26606 - WN#26610]
Records relating to payments to the Albanian Minister in Turkey in connection with plans for penetration into Albania, January 26, 1943 - March 25, 1944, 9 pp. [WN#26613 - WN#26614, WN#26616, and WN#26623]
Memorandum discussing cover stories to avoid in British West Africa, January 5, 1943, 1 p. [WN#26619]
Special Funds records from Switzerland, ca. April 1944 - July 1946, ca. 300 pp. [WN#26626, WN#26644 - WN#26679, and WN#26684 - WN#26687]
Memorandum discussing the alleged penetration of the PENNY-FARTHING chain in Southern France, May 31, 1945, 3 pp. [WN#26688]
SSU/X-2 counter-intelligence summaries nos. 8 and 9, Series II, March 22 and April 22, 1946, 19 pp. [WN#26689]
Memorandum from Bucharest, Rumania on double-agent operation "Buffer," September 13, 1945, 6 pp. [WN#26690]
Memoranda with symbol designations from Rumania [AD land]
, October 1945, 3 pp. [WN#26691]
Report on native and foreign intelligence organizations in the Nice, France Area, November 14, 1945, 11 pp. [WN#26692]
Reports about Plan CAESAR, which aimed to penetrate the Japanese intelligence service in Italy, Switzerland, and elsewhere, December 8, 1945 -- January 18, 1946 50 pp. [WN#26693, and WN#26696 - WN#26697]
Reports from X-2, Italy on Plan STREGA, relating to Yugoslavian activities in Rome, December 1945 - January 1946, 31 pp. [WN#26694]
X-2/France monthly progress report for December 1945, 10 pp. [WN#26695]
X-2 Counter Intelligence Survey #7, covering 1 - 15 January 1946; January 23, 1946, 6 pp. [WN#26698]
Special Funds records from the China Theater, ca. September 1944 - October 1945, ca. 75 pp. [WN#27634 - WN#27639 and WN#27648 - WN#27651]
4 Special Funds records from China, Burma, and India, ca. January 1943 - September 1945, ca. 100 pp. [WN#27652 - WN#27659, and WN#27663 - WN#27679]