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Records of the Office of Strategic Services (RG 226): Entry 213

Entry 213

Boxes 1-3. Location: 250/64/33/1. CIA Accession: 91-00976R

Box # Subject/Record/Information
1 Report from SCI Unit Z in Genova, Italy on "Mission Rossignol," November 30, 1945, ca.12 pp. The report is about the activities of one Commander Cheyron, and personnel under his command, who operated in Northern Italy between July and September 1945. After describing the Mission's activities, the report complains that despite repeated verbal and written requests to HQ for information, the Mission's true purpose was still unknown. It could have been the search for French war criminals, the "search for and collection of loot and currency transported out of France by political refugees," or "exploitation and racketeering." [WN#20588]
Memo on French activities in Italy, December 6, 1945, 1 p. The memo lists four names, summarizing their wartime activities and describing their current location and activities. [WN#20589]
Report from SCI Unit Z in Rome, Italy, entitled "Plan Abraham Lincoln (Neo-Fascist Organization)," December 6, 1945, 14 pp. The report describes the possible penetration of a possible neo-Fascist organization by a suspect source. [WN#20589]
Report on the Information Service at the Vatican, December 7, 1945, ca. 2 pp. The cover sheet describes this report as having "little or no intelligence value." [WN#20589]
Memorandum from James Angleton, C.O. - SCI/Z Units, on Communist activity in the 88th Division, December 13, 1945, 1p. The report states that the Secretary of the Swiss Communist party asked members of the 88th Division, on leave in Lugano, Switzerland, to "take back letters for mailing in the Trieste area." [WN#20590]
Report from X-2, Italy, on I.T. & T activity in Italy, December 13, 1945, 1 p. [WN#20591]
Report from X-2, Italy, on approaches made to Italian atomic energy researcher Sisto Bosco by the Nazis during WWII, and by "JE-Land officers" after the war, July 7, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20595]
Letter from Italy opposing the proposed elimination of the Delta section of the SIS, December 31, 1945, 6 pp. [WN#20600]
Report from X-2, Italy, on members of a Czech nationalist underground movement in Italy, January 14, 1946, 4 pp. [WN#20604]
Report from X-2, Italy on the Italian Socialist Party, February 19, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20609]
Report from X-2, Italy, entitled "Political Reports on Communist Movement," March 2, 1946, 6 pp. The report was originally written for the Italian Minister of the Navy. It assesses the international situation in general, and in France in particular, in light of Communist expansion. [WN#20611]
Report from X-2, Italy, consisting of letters from participants in "Plan Strega," January 15, 1946, 5 pp. X-2 reported that Plan Strega "is progressing but slowly." [WN#20612]
Report from X-2, Italy, on a variety of activities involving one Sandro Garoglio, April 3, 1946, 5 pp. The activities range from being asked "to form an intelligence service in Italy, to report on the activities of Communists in the country," to being asked to report on the condition and efficiency of 300 trucks said to be for sale from the American Command. [WN#20616]
Report on two developments in Italy: the arrival in Rome of auxiliary police and a proposed cut in the CS budget, April 16, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20619]
Report from SCI Unit Z in Rome with a statement by Doris Duca, describing her wartime activities in support of the Allies in Italy, April 21, 1946, 2 pp. Duca admitted that she worked for German journalist Hans Boettcher in 1939-1940, but said that she knew nothing at the time about the activities that later led to his expulsion from Italy. [WN#20622]
Report on Robert Huldschiner, who denounced Doris Duca as having worked for Hans Boettcher, May 1, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20625]
Reports regarding clandestine Jewish traffic to Palestine, May 2, 1946, 8 pp. [WN#20626]
Memo containing allegations that seven people active in the Action Party in Milan, Italy were ex-Fascists, May 1, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20623]
Memo stating that the Italian Ministry of the Interior changed the codes in its Frontier Control Book from initials to conventional signs, May 1, 1946, 1 p. The memo gives the old initials and the new conventional signs. [WN#20624]
35mm roll of microfilm with copies of XIIIth Corps monthly intelligence summaries 1-6, for August 1945-January 1946. The transmittal memo states that the summaries "are of a relatively high level of competence and provide an indispensable fund of material on developments of a CE character in Venezia Giulia and Trieste for the period covered." [WN#20630]
"Photographic copies of certain files of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers," April 4, 1946, ca. 120 pp. The photographic copies, which are small, include reports on the clandestine enrollment of Italian pilots in the Yugoslav Air Force; the political situation in Yugoslavia; the disappearance of eight people from a refugee camp in Yugoslavia; Communist activity, and the general situation, in Venezia Giulia, Italy; the question of the Italian character of, and the general situation in, the city of Fiume, Italy; Albanian Communist activity; and other topics. [WN#20618]
List of RSHA [Reichssicherheitshauptamt]
personalities, from a source reporting to the SCI Detachment in Weimar, Germany, June 14, 1945, 4 pp. The list is in German. [WN#20634]
List of changes in code names for personnel of X-2, Germany, June 9, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20636]
Memorandum on recent objectives of NKVD (Soviet secret police) counter-intelligence, January 14, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20638]
Weekly Progress Report, SCI/X-2, SSU Mission to Germany, December 27, 1945, 1 p. [WN#20638]
Survey of SCI/Berlin operations, 28 November 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20638]
Project report from SCI, Berlin, August 31, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20638]
Semi-Monthly Operations Report of SCI Detachment Bremen, August 15, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20638]
List of Italian personnel employed by SCI/Z/Milan, April 11, 1946, 4 pp. [WN#Unidentified]
2 Memorandum on Berlin GIS personnel uncovered by ZIGZAG, a former member of Abwehr III F in Berlin, who identified former Nazis for the US, October 31, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20640]
Progress Reports and other records relating to Project CAVIAR, which sought to neutralize Soviet intelligence in the American Zone, Austria, and to penetrate the overall Soviet intelligence system, ca. August - October 1945, ca. 100 pp. [WN#20641-WN#20642]
. Included are records relating to arrests made by the U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps at the request of the Soviet Repatriation Commission, and a report of an assassination attempt against Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Report on Project SYRACUSE, which sought information on the actions and personalities of the Austrian government, and "the moves of the other foreign government bodies in Vienna and the personalities inspiring those moves," October 10, 1945, 3 pp. [WN#20643]
Report on Project RENARD, which sought information on the activities of the French intelligence services; the Communist Party; the military government; and general political, economic, and military information about the Tirol-Vorarlberg area of Austria, October 31, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20643]
Report, relating to Project CAVIAR, about a Russian report on German jet and rocket propulsion experiments, November 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20645]
Report from Austria on CE Project CACTUS and its subsidiary projects, November 10, 1945, 10 pp. [WN#20646]
Project CAVIAR progress report no. 14, December 3, 1945, 4 pp. [WN#20646]
Progress Report #1 on Project MOONLIGHT from Salzburg, Austria, February 5, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20647]
Report regarding two attempts by officers and men of the Soviet Repatriation Committee to kidnap "SABER" in Salzburg, Austria, January 30, 1946, 21 pp. This report is related to Project CACTUS [WN#20649]
. Monthly progress report of Project RENARD, March 18, 1946, 2 pp. The report admits that there has been little progress so far, but claims confidence in the future, pointing out that Renard "was originally useful in procuring for us considerable information concerning the communication side of the Abwehr" and "the complete NSDAP Salzburg records." [WN#20649]
Memorandum transmitting a report on Engineer Hans Ott, March 27, 1946. The report is NOT in the file. The memo says that the report "gives some interesting examples of Tito-German relations during the war." [WN#20650]
Memorandum and report on intelligence activities of the Soviet Repatriation Committee in the American Zone, Austria, ca. March - May 1946, ca. 15 pp. [WN#20651]
Progress Report on Project MOONLIGHT, April 1, 1946, 5 pp. [WN#20651]
. Bi-monthly Bay Bridge report (RAMONA), relating to atomic energy, April 9, 1946, 11 pp. [WN#20651]
Progress Report on Project MARIETTA, which sought to penetrate the French intelligence service in the American Zone, Austria, April 4, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20651]
SYBILLE Project, Progress Report # 2, from Salzburg, Austria, May 21, 1946, 17 pp. [WN#20652]
Reports relating to Project SYMPHONY, which sought to use "the present extensive Jewish emigration for a source of CI information," May 1946, ca. 15 pp. [WN#20563?]
Report on the Austrian State Police, May 27, 1946, 2 pp. The report states that there were probably three intelligence services in Austria, not just one. [WN#20655]
Report on Anglo-Russian cooperation against Jewish immigration in Austria, May 28, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20656]
Report, related to Project SYMPHONY, on illegal activities of Hungarian police in Austria, June 10, 1946, 4 pp. [WN#20657]
Progress Report for Project SALOME, June 14, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20657]
Report, related to Project SYBILLE, on activities of Hungarian Catholics in Austria and Italy, June 14, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20657]
SSU/Amzon, Security Control Division report for June 1946, July 10, 1946, 5 pp. [WN#20673]
Progress reports from Austria on Project Checkers, April-August1946, 64 pp. The reports, from Source DD603, consist of two main categories of information: Source DD603's observations from travels around Austria, and the recounting of his conversations with a man named Bilek, "a Czech intelligence officer and/or control/case officer." DD603's observations covered a wide variety of topics, including continuing pro-Nazi sentiment among the population, and how the Austrians felt about the treatment of ex-Nazis; how the Austrians felt about the Americans, British, and French; conditions in DP camps and refugee repatriation; the rebuilding of the country's infrastructure; elections; and the black market. He noted that "Hitler's birthday was not ignored by the population," and passed on many of the rumors he heard, including one which claimed that a new German Air Force was prepared to drop atom bombs on Nuremberg if any war criminals were sentenced to death. [WN#20658 and WN#20661]
Report from HQ, US Forces Austria, SSU, WD Mission to Austria, on Project Symphony, June 20, 1946, 1 p. The report tells of the arrest of a man involved in a "private emigration racket" involving Jewish refugees. [WN#20658]
Progress report from HQ, US Forces Austria, SSU, WD Mission to Austria, on the Salome Project, September 5, 1946, 2 pp. The report relates mainly to administrative matters, but contains a handwritten note at the bottom of the second page stating that "She was last known to have apparently been abducted by the Russians in Vienna. Oct. 46." [WN# 20661]
[See below.]
Progress report from HQ, US Forces Austria, SSU, WD Mission to Austria, on the Salome Project, September 24, 1946, 3 pp. Source Salome reported on the presence of the NKVD in Vienna, and on Russian troop movements and fortifications on the Hungarian border. [WN#20661]
Report from Austria, relating to SALOME Project, on the arrest of SALOME and Director Richard L. Krause, October 18, 1946, 5 pp. [WN#20662]
Progress Reports on Project CHECKERS, October 18, 1946, 5 pp. [WN#20662]
Report on Russian emigrants and their cooperation with Germans against the Soviets, April 12, 1946, 7 pp. [WN#20667]
Memo about the impending extradition to Denmark of Ludwig Nebel for a war crimes trial, June 29, 1946, 1 p. The writer of the memo admits that the OSS earlier used Nebel in Operation Ostrich, and thus felt "obligated to give him as much protection as possible" when the Danish government first asked for him. Because of Danish insistence and strong evidence, however, Nebel was soon to be extradited to Denmark "to face trial for his activities there which are definitely of war crimes nature." [WN#20669]
Report of CIC security lapses at the OMGUS [Office of the Military Government, United States]
Secretarial School in Berlin, July 25, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20679]
Memo on exploratory contacts between the OSS and the UHVR, "which lays claim to being the only authorized counter espionage service of the Ukrainian Freedom Movement," August 23, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20680]
Memo from AB-51, Amzon to AB-43, Munich entitled "MVD Targets - Former Bavarian Abwehr Officers in Bavaria," August 7, 1946, 2 pp. AB-51 reports that a group of former Abwehr officers "are slated for abduction by a Soviet intelligence agency." No counter measures will be taken, the memo explains, because to do so might endanger the source. "At the same time we are of course interested in learning what measures our Eastern friends are going to devise in order to pull off this abduction successfully." [WN#20681]
Report warning that the Cafe Baikal in Berlin, Germany might be "an NKVD base of operations against the British and Americans," August 4, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20682]
Memo on whether or not to keep using one Margot Wilken as a source, August 9, 1946, 1 pp. This memo concludes by saying that "we are inclined to accept Berlin's final verdict and consign her to oblivion." [WN#20683]
Memorandum on the activities of the Swedish Red Cross in Germany, August 13, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20684]
Memo on the pros and cons of vetting White Russians, August 31, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20687]
Memorandum to Richard Helms from Security Control Division, Austria, explaining how Helms underestimated the value of the Sybille Project, and explaining the project's future, October 2, 1946, 2 pp. The memo explains that the Sybille Project was being reorganized, but that formerly one of its chief objectives was to maintain a check on the people involved in the Crown Project. In doing this, the memo explains, "a fund of information was developed on White Russians and other DP groups who have engaged in agent activity in the American Zone of Austria." [WN#20690]
Reports relating to Project SYMPHONY, April - May 1946, 21 pp. [WN#20691]
. One of the reports describes a "Jewish Emigration racket run by French Mission, Budapest." Memoranda from the Amzon chronological file, July 24, 1945 - October 16, 1946, 192 pp. [WN#20692-WN#20693]
. Most of the memoranda relate to the vetting of, or requests for information on, individuals. Draft and final version of a report entitled "General Observations on the Soviet Intelligence Mission in Nurnberg," October 16, 1946, 8pp. [WN#20694]
Report on the Anochin-Sheiko Network of Soviet Intelligence Agents at Munich, Germany July 1946, ca. 4 pp. [WN#20694]
Report on Soviet intelligence activities in the French Zone of Germany, August 1946, ca. 3 pp. [WN#20694]
Memorandum to Brigadier General John Magruder, SSU Director, from SSU Mission to Germany, on liaison with other intelligence agencies, February 20, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20695]
"Commentary on the Structure and Members of the British Intelligence Service in Germany," November 11, 1945, 10 pp. [WN#20695]
3 Memorandum on X-2 possibilities in Denmark, January 9, 1946, 1 pp. [WN#20697]
Memorandum on French attempts to recruit German GS officers, November 1946, 1 pp. [WN#20698]
Memorandum on French agent activities in Munich, September 16, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20698]
Memorandum on former German Abwehr officers employed by the French I.S., October 17, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20699]
Memorandum from Munich, Germany on the establishment of a central U.S. informant file, October 14, 1946, 1 pp. [WN#20699]
Memorandum, transmitting a report which is NOT attached, on Freikorps Adolf Hitler, October 16, 1945, 1 pp. [WN#20699]
. The memo discusses contacting or apprehending former members of the organization. Memorandum from Amzon explaining the apparent failure to penetrate the KPD, the German Communist Party, October 4, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20699]
Report on NTSNP activity, September 26, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20699]
Memorandum on the Ukrainian nationalist movement, October 3, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20699]
Report on the Central Police Administration in the Soviet-Zone of Germany, October 17, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20699]
SSU Mission to Germany, X-2 operations report for January 1946; February 7, 1946, 5 pp. [WN#20705]
SCI-B [Berlin?]
status of operations report, February 1, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20705]
SCI-B [Berlin?]
supplement to operations report, February 5, 1946, 2 pp. [WN#20705]
Memorandum on German tactical intercept and decoding services, February 8, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20705]
"Vetting Report for Recent Months with Outline of Existing Policies Within Germany," February 13, 1946, 3 pp. [WN#20705]
Memorandum to Chief, SSU, Germany, from Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, on coordination of X2 and CIC activities, January 5, 1946, 1 p. [WN#20705]
Reports on German resistance activities in Berlin District, November 19, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20705]
Report on Russian intelligence activities in Vienna, Austria December 26, 1945, 10 pp. [WN#20705]
Report relating to controlled Allied agents in France, August 1, 1945, 3 pp. [WN#20705]
SSU Mission to Germany, Agent Service Record forms for X-2 and SI Agents, surnames Albrecht-Zimmermann, ca. November 1945, ca. 70 pp. [WN#20713]
OSS Mission for Germany, X-2 Branch, reports on SCI operations for weeks ending August 29; September 5, 12, 19, 26; and October 3, 1945, 15 pp. [WN#20714]
Amzon, Munich "Detachment," review of activity since 10 December 1945 to 10 September 1946; September 10, 1946, 5 pp. [WN#20714]
X-2/SCI, Erlangen, Germany, semi-monthly report, October 3, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20714]
SCI Detachment, Bremen, Germany, semi-monthly operations report, August 1, 1945, 3 pp. [WN#20714]
X-2/SCI 7th Army, Heidelberg, Germany, semi-monthly operation reports, September 1 and 17, 1945, 5 pp. [WN#20714]
X-2/SCI Erlangen, Germany, operations report for 15 August - 15 September; September 21, 1945, 4 pp. [WN#20714]
X-2, SCI 7th Army, Heidelberg, Germany; report on the DANUBE Affair, re: progress of the surveillance of ELSA, underground organization of Gau Wuerttemburg; September 20, 1945, 5 pp. [WN#20714]
X-2/SCI Berlin Detachment, project report, September 29, 1945, 4 pp. [WN#20714]
X-2/SCI Bremen, Germany, operations report, October 1, 1945, 2 pp. [WN#20714]
HQ, X-2, Germany, progress reports on X-2 penetration cases run in the American Occupied Zone in Germany, August, September and November 1945, 23 pp. [WN#20714]