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Hetch Hetchy Environmental Debates

Petition from San Francisco Swedish Clubs Supporting the Raker Bill, December, 1913

Various organizations composed of Swedish residents of San Francisco sent this petition to Senator Asle Gronna (R-ND) in favor of the Raker Bill, a bill to grant San Francisco the right to dam the Hetch Hetchy Valley. The organizations included the World's Fair Committee of the Swedish-American Patriotic League of California, The Swedish Singing Society, The United Swedish Singers of the Pacific Coast, The Swedish Society of San Francisco, The Swedish-American Patriotic League of California, and the Odin Lodge (Odd Fellows) #393. These clubs argued that water from the Hetch Hetchy Valley was the only viable source of water and that searching for additional water sources would place a heavy financial burden on a city that was still rebuilding after the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

RG 46, Records of the U.S. Senate

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