The Center for Legislative Archives

What's Not Online

Closed Records

Information about closed congressional records, as determined by the rules of access set by the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, is not available online. Similarly, information about closed legislative commission records are subject to rules of access determined by each commission.

Digital Copies of Our Holdings

Less than 1% of the Center's holdings have been digitized and made available through the National Archives Catalog. The vast majority of the Center's holdings are paper-based records that have not been digitized.

Finding Aids and Preliminary Inventories

The Center for Legislative has various finding aids and preliminary inventories for selected records. Our Preliminary Inventories are detailed finding aids that include descriptions of series, and in some instances include folder titles, at the record group or committee level. Most of the finding aids and preliminary inventories describing our holdings are not available online. Visit the Research Guides and Tools page to learn more about our finding aids and preliminary inventories.

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