Presidential Libraries

Presidential Libraries Programs

Presidential Libraries offer programs that provide different perspectives on history and the Presidency.

With stimulating education programs, the Libraries offer everyone, from school children to seasoned scholars, opportunities to learn about our Presidents' leadership. Learn More about Education Programs

Refer to Caption A scholar addresses an audience during a public program in the Reading Room of the Hoover Library

Through a series of public programs, Presidential Libraries regularly host conferences, symposia, and public forums that highlight new scholarship about the Presidents and American history.

Events have explored military conflict, economics, civil rights, and civic engagement, as well as a host of other topics both directly and indirectly related to the President, the administration, and his Library.

Presidential Libraries are also active members of local communities, offering a unique venue for a variety of civic events.

  • In celebrating America, Presidential Libraries organize events to commemorate holidays throughout the year, such as Washington's Birthday and the Fourth of July.
  • Events often include storytellers and actors portraying our Presidents — hear George Washington discuss the nation's earliest days or Abraham Lincoln contemplate a nation divided by Civil War.
  • Many Libraries celebrate the holiday season with elaborate decorations originally used at the White House.
  • Each Library always observes its President's birthday with special activities for visitors.