Presidential Libraries

Education Programs at the Presidential Libraries

Presidential Libraries offer programs that provide different perspectives on history and the Presidency. With stimulating education programs, the Libraries offer everyone, from school children to seasoned scholars, opportunities to learn about our Presidents' leadership.

Presidential Libraries provide a broad range of educational opportunities for students of all ages. Each Presidential Library offers programs designed to introduce students to American history and the Presidency and to inform teachers about the use of primary source documents in teaching history.

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Civics for All of US

Is a new national civic education initiative from the National Archives and Presidential Libraries that promotes civic literacy and engagement. As part of this initiative the educators across the National Archives and Presidential Libraries will be providing teachers with programming, curricula, and exceptional field trip experiences both online and in-person.

The Situation Room Experience

Is a high stakes, modern, fictional, foreign policy simulation that challenges participants to deal with an international crisis at the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Presidential Libraries. Designed for high school and university students, the Situation Room Experience places students in the roles of the White House Crisis Management Team or members of the media as the story unfolds in real time. Cutting edge technology helps drive the experience that takes place in the actual Situation Room from the White House.

The White House Decision Center

The White House Decision Center is a unique venue for experiential and collaborative learning. Set in a recreated West Wing, The White House Decision Center challenges students to step into the roles of President Truman and his advisors to tackle some of the greatest challenges ever faced by a world leader. The White House Decision Center is designed to complement a rigorous course of study and to meet national standards for grades 6-12.

The Advise the President Series

Is a ready-to-use tool that provides teachers with an opportunity to bring historic Presidential decisions into the classroom. Using a deliberation process, students will learn about history by focusing on pivotal issues faced by past Presidents.


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