Special List 29: Delaware

Special List No. 29


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163. Colton's Delaware and Maryland, Published by J. H. Colton .

     . . 1862.

     1 inch to ca. 16 miles. 14 x 18. Published. Counties (in

color), towns and cities, hundreds (in Delaware), roads, canals,

and railroad lines. Relief is shown by hachures. Map includes

parts of adjoining States and an inset map of the District of

Columbia at a scale of 1 inch to 3 miles. Filed as Ref. Coll.:

Maryland, 1862.

164. [Map of Delaware compiled in the U.S. Geological Survey,


     1 inch to ca. 8 miles. 19 x 11. Published. County names and

boundaries, towns and cities, steam and electric railroad lines,

and drainage features. Noted: "Advance sheet. Subject to correc-

tions." Filed as RG 57: Published State Maps, Delaware, 1912.

See also entries 379, 380, 383-387, 740-744, 809, and 810.

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