Special List 29: New Hampshire

Special List No. 29

New Hampshire

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554. A Topographical Map of the Province of New Hampshire,

     surveyed agreeably to the Orders and Instructions of the

     Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and

     Plantations unto Samuel Holland, Esqr., His Majesty's

     Surveyor General of Lands for the Northern District of North

     America; By the following Gentlemen His Deputies. . . .

     London: Printed for William Faden, Geographer to the King .

     . . March 1st, 1784.

     1 inch to 4 miles. 2 sections, each 24½ x 34. Published.

Townships, "patents," towns, roads, mills, and physical features.

Filed as RG 77: US 9 (SF).

555. New-Hampshire, From Late Survey; To The Citizens of which

     this Map is most respectfully Dedicated by their obedient

     Servant, Edward Ruggles . . . O. T. Eddy, sc. [1819.]

     1 inch to ca. 7 miles. 32 x 19. Counties (boundaries in

color), townships, physical features, roads, and parts of

adjoining States and Canada. . . . There are symbols for

buildings, but no explanation is given concerning these symbols.

Inset illustration of "View of Bellows Falls and Mansion House

Hotel." Filed as RG 77: US 106 (SF).

556. New Hampshire, by Recent Survey, Made under the Supreme

     Authority and Published according to Law by Philip

     Carrigain, Counsellor at Law and late Secretary of the State

     . . . 1818 . . . W. Harrison Sc[ulptor]. J. J. Barralet,


     1 inch to 3 miles. 2 sections, 30½ x 47. Annotated

published. Includes parts of adjoining States. Counties,

townships, roads, ferries, bridges, county seats, post towns,

churches, academies, universities and colleges, iron foundries,

cotton factories, mills, and 1810 population figures for

individual townships. Map annotated to show ". . . John Clinton's

(U.S. Engineer) surveys & reconnesances [sic] in Vermont and New

Hampshire in 1825." Table lists population statistics for States

and several cities in 1810. Map is dedicated to the Governor and

the State Legislature. Inset illustrations of scenic views. Inset

map of the United States to the Mississippi River including

Louisiana, showing towns, roads, and military posts. Scale is 1

inch to 75 miles. Also an inset map of "The States of the Union

East of the Hudson With the adjacent British Colonies [in

Canada]," showing towns and roads. Scale is 1 inch to 30 miles.

Filed as RG 77: US 28 (OS).

557. Post Route Map of the States of New Hampshire, Vermont,

     Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Parts of New

     York and Maine . . . by W. L. Nicholson, Topographer of P.O.

     Dep't., 1866. . . . Eng. by D. McClelland . . . Lithd. by P.

     S. David . . . brought up to date of Oct. 1, 1867.

     1 inch to 6 miles. 2 sections, each 31 x 41½. Published.

State boundaries in color. Frequency and types of mail service,

mileages between post offices, counties, towns, and railroads.

Post routes shown in color to illustrate number of deliveries per

week (once, twice, three times, six times). Tables list

statistical information such as distances between principal

eastern cities, and population and areas of States shown on map.

Filed as RG 28: Regional Maps, Folder 1.

558. Post Route Map of the States of New Hampshire, Vermont,

     Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and parts of New

     York and Maine. Showing post offices with the intermediate

     distances and mail routes in operation on the 1st of June,

     1894. Published . . . under the direction of A. von Haake,

     Topographer, P.O. Dept.

     1 inch to 6 miles. 2 sections, each 32½ x 41. Published.

Frequency and types of mail service, mileages between post

offices, discontinued post offices, counties, towns, railroads,

and physical features. Post routes in color to show frequency of

service. Most of Rhode Island portion is missing. Inset map of

"Environs of Boston" shows carrier stations of the Boston post

office and railroad lines. Scale 1 inch to 3 miles. Filed as RG

28: Regional Maps, Folder 27.

559. [Map of the States of New Hampshire and Vermont compiled in

     the U.S. Geological Survey, 1911-14.]

     1 inch to ca. 8 miles. 30 x 22. Published. County names and

boundaries, villages and cities, steam and electric railroad

lines, and drainage features. Noted: "Advance sheet. Subject to

corrections." Also a copy of this map reprinted in 1918. Filed as

RG 57: Published State Maps, New Hampshire, 1911-14.

See also entries 156, 158, 161, 372, and 373.

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