Special List 29: New Jersey

Special List No. 29

New Jersey

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560. [Map of] The Province of New Jersey Divided into East and

     West, commonly called The Jerseys. Second Edition with

     considerable improvements. Engraved & Published by Wm.

     Faden, Charing Cross, December 1st, 1778.

     1 inch to ca. 7 miles. 33 x 26. Published. Counties, towns,

roads, mills, forts, line dividing "the Jerseys" established in

1743, Keith's Line of 1687, and names of some residents. Also

shows parts of present States of New York, Pennsylvania,

Delaware, and Maryland. Filed as Ref. Coll.: New Jersey, 1774-


561. A Map of the State of New Jersey. [1812.]

     1 inch to 4 miles. 41 x 28.5. Published. Counties

(boundaries in color), towns, roads, mills, forges, civil

divisions within counties, and names of some residents. Statement

"To His Excellency Joseph Bloomfield, Governor, the Council and

Assembly of the State of New Jersey, this Map is respectfully

inscribed by William Watson, Gloucester County, September 25,

1812." Filed as RG 77: US 18 (SF).

562. Map of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Exhibiting the Post

     Offices, Post Roads, Canals, Rail Roads, &c. By David H.

     Burr (Late Topographer to the Post Office) . . . [1839].

     1 inch to 10 miles. 4 sections, each 19 x 25.5. Published.

Also shows county boundaries (but not names), mileages between

post offices, and parts of adjoining States. Filed as RG 28: Burr

Atlas, 4.

563. [Map of] New Jersey . . . Entered according to Act of

     Congress in the year 1841, by T. Gordon, in the Clerks

     Office of the District Court of New Jersey. Reduced from T.

     Gordon's Map. 

     1 inch to ca. 12 miles. 18 x 14. Published. Counties, towns,

roads, railroads, and canals. State is shaded orange. Filed as

Ref. Coll.: New Jersey, 1841.

564. [Map of New Jersey issued by the U.S. Geological Survey in

     1913 and reprinted in 1915.]

     1 inch to ca. 8 miles. 25.5 x 21. Published. County names

and boundaries, towns and cities, steam and electric railroad

lines, and drainage features. Noted: "Advance sheet. Subject to

corrections." Filed as RG 57: Published State Maps, New Jersey,


565. Post Route Map of the State of New Jersey showing post

     offices with the intermediate distances on mail routes in

     operation on the 1st of April, 1915.

     1 inch to ca. 4 miles. 46 x 33. Published. Frequency and

types of mail service, discontinued post offices, counties,

towns, railroads, physical features, and parts of adjoining

States. Post routes in color to show frequency of service. Filed

as RG 28: State Maps, New Jersey, 1915.

See also entries 601 in New York

and 738, 741-745 in Pennsylvania.

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