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Prologue | Summer 2003

Summer 2003 Prologue CoverPrologue in Perspective: Rotunda Reopening Launches New Era for National Archives
John W. Carlin

20 July 1969
Bruce I. Bustard

Safeguarding Hoover Dam during World War II
Christine Pfaff

Sixty Years Later, the Story of PT-109 Still Captivates
Stephen Plotkin

Fort Archives: The National Archives Goes to War
Anne Bruner Eales

Presidential Tapes Allow "Eavesdropping On History"
Maura F. Porter

Private Lewis Martin and His Brief War
William Gladstone

Spotlight on NARA: NARA's Library Offers "The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel"
Jeffery Hartley

Genealogy Notes: Enhancing Your Family Tree with Civil War Maps
Trevor K. Plante

Authors on the Record: Lincoln's Personal Retreat from the Burdens of War

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History: Korean War Armistice Agreement

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