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Prologue | Fall 2004


Fall 2004 Prologue CoverPrologue in Perspective: NARA Marks Twentieth Anniversary of Independence Legislation
John W. Carlin

A Boy Who Would Be President: Harry Truman at School, 1892–1901
Raymond H. Geselbracht

See History As It Happened: The National Archives Experience Highlights America's Film Treasures

Changing Channels: The Civil Rights Case That Transformed Television
Kay Mills

Documenting Democracy at State and Local Levels
Keith Donohue

Carlos Montezuma's Heroic Journey—and His Return to the Yavapai
Leon Speroff

Ronald Reagan, 1911–2004

Clinton Presidential Library to Open in November

Spotlight on NARA: At the Federal Register, Tending to the Details of Democracy
Frances McDonald

Authors on the Record: Reagan's Lifetime of Letters Paints a Vivid Portrait

Genealogy Notes: A Gold Mine of Naturalization Records in New England
Walter V. Hickey

Foundation for the National Archives

Pieces of History:Eli Whitney's Patent for the Cotton Gin

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