1950 Census

English Translation from Spanish of the 1950 Census Alternate Form P93

Census of Population and Housing: 1950, Puerto Rico

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Front of Form P93

Form Segment English Translation
section of form

a. Municipality

b. Ward

c. Enumeration District Number

section of form

d. Hotel, Guest House, Institution, Military Post, Etc.



Line No. _____ to _____ inclusive

section of form

Confidential: This survey is authorized by an Act of the United States Congress (46 St. 21:13 U.S.C. 201-218), which requires this report. The information you provide is considered strictly confidential. The census report cannot be used for the purposes of taxation, investigation, or regulation.


Form P93 United States Department of Commerce 

Bureau of the Census

Census of Population and Housing: 1950

Puerto Rico

form segment

e. The completion of this sheet started on the

_______________ 1950

f. Enumerator’s signature


g. Checked by _______(Group Leader)_____the_______, 1950


[right hand box] Sheet Number

form segment

For the Head of Household

Line Number

Street, avenue, highway or road name

House (and apartment) number

Number of the dwelling in visited order
form segment


4. NAME 

What is the name of the head of the family?

What are the names of all the other people who live here?

Write in the following order:

his wife
unmarried sons (in order of age)
married sons and their families
other people, such 
as lodgers, servants who live in the house, and their relatives
(Paternal and maternal surname (if the person uses it) and given name)


Write the kinship, bond, or relationship of the person with the head of the family, as

wife of lodger
patient, etc.

A. Leave blank


Of color, black, mulatto
Other race -- specify




(If less than a year, write the birth month, like April, May, December, etc.)


If born outside Puerto Rico, write the country

Form P-93, lines 10-15

B. Leave blank




In consensual union





11. Does this person know how to read and write? (Yes or No)


12. What is the highest grade this person has attended in school? (See key at bottom of sheet)


13. Was this grade approved? (Yes or No)


14. Has attended school for any period after February 1st? (Yes or No)


15. Does this person speak English? (Yes or No)

Form P-93, lines 16-22

For all persons 14 years of age or older


16. Principal activity- What was this person doing last week? (See key at the bottom of the sheet)


17. If item 16 is D or O- Also last week, did they do any work for pay or profit? (or unpaid work for a family member) (Yes or No)


18. If item 17 is No- Did they look for work last week? (Yes or No)


19. If item 18 is No- Did they have a job or business in which they did not work last week? (Yes or No)


C. Leave blank


20. If item 16 is T or item 17 is Yes- How many hours did they work last week? (Include unpaid work for a family member) (Hours)


21. How many weeks did they work in 1949 (Ask this question to all persons 14 years of age or older) (Note the number or “O”)


[Top right box:] 1. If they worked (T in item 16 or Yes in items 17 or 19), describe the job or business of last week


2. If they looked for work (Yes in item 18), describe their most recent job or business


3. If they worked in 1949 (one week or more in item 21), but did not work last week, describe the most recent job or business


4. For all others, leave blank


22a. What was their occupation?


Repairing machinery

English teacher


Tobacco picker

Armed forces

Has never worked



22b. What business or industry did they work in?



Sugar mill

Public school

Sugarcane plantation

Tobacco plantation



22c. Class of worker

J (Private employer)

G (Government)

S (Self-employed)

F (Unpaid family member)

(J, G, S, F)

D. Leave blank

Form P-93, lines 23-25

[Top left box:] Income in 1949 

(Omit cents)


23a. How much money did they earn in wages or salary last year?

(Note the total amount before withholdings for retirement, etc., or “O”)


23b. How much money did they earn in their own business, profession, or farm last year?

(Note the net income or “O”)


23c. How much money did they receive in interest, dividends, veterans benefits, pensions, rents, or other income last year?


(Note the amount or “O”)


E. Leave blank


[Top middle box:] For each man


[Next box down:] Did he serve in the United States Armed Forces during-


24a. World War II 

(Yes or No)


24b. World War I

(Yes or No)


Other service?

(Include current service)

(Yes or No)


F. Leave blank

[Top right box:] For each woman


25. Number of live-born children that she has had

(If none, note “O”)

[Right side box:] Line number

Form P-93, portion

Enumeration of family continued on next page

For office use

[Bottom left box:] Number of lines on this sheet



[Middle box:] Canceled lines on this sheet


[Bottom right box:] Persons enumerated on this sheet

Complete Form Segment

Form P-93, question 12


Left Side

form P-93, question 12, left side


Right side

form P-93, question 12, right side

Question 12. Key for Grade Attended





Elementary - High School

Elementary school (8 grades)............E1 to E8

High school (4 years)...........E9, E10, E11, E12


[new column]



Elementary - Middle - High School

Elementary school (6 grades)............E1 to E6

Middle school (3 years)......................E7, E8, E9

High school (3 years).........................E10, E11, E12


University or College


University (4 years)......................U1, U2, U3, U4

Post-graduate studies or professional school (1 year or more)...U5


[new column]


Question 16 Key for Principal Activity


Working for pay, profit, or unpaid work for a family member………………………T

Permanently unable to work……….I

Domestic labor at home…………...D

Other (specify in footnote)..............O

Back of Form P93

Form Segment English Translation

form 93 - segment from back

form 93- segment from back

Questions about Housing


For all types of housing


Sheet number

form 93 - back - questions 1-6

1. Number of dwelling in order visited


2. Type of building

1. Home (house, apartment, etc.)

X. Non-residential unit, hotel lodging, guest house, institution, military post, etc.

(For a non-residential unit, omit all of the following questions)


3. Number of units in this building

1. One

2. Two

3. Three

4. Four

5. Five

6. Six or more units


4. Businesses in this building

1. Yes

2. No


5. Predominant exterior material

1. Wooden walls with a metal roof

2. Wooden walls with a thatched roof

3. Wooden walls with another type of roof

4. Concrete walls

5. Other material


6. Condition of the housing

1. Not dilapidated

2. Dilapidated

form 93 - back - questions 7-12

7. I have listed (number) people in this home. Tell me if I have omitted anyone who is absent on vacation, traveling, etc.


Note the number of people who live in this home. 


_______ (Total number)

X. Home occupied by non-resident family

V. Vacant


8. When was this building built?

1. 1945 to present

2. 1940-1944

3. 1930-1939

4. 1920-1929

5. 1919 or prior


9. How many rooms (living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.) are there in this home?

(Not including bathrooms)





10. Water Supply

1. Piped, running water inside building from public water system 

2. Piped running water inside building from a cistern or well (private)


3. Piped running water outside of building

4. Other (river, well, irrigation system, spring, etc.)


[Box below 11/12]: Sanitary Services



1. Toilet inside home

2. Toilet outside home

3. Latrine

4. No toilet or latrine



1. For this home’s exclusive use

2. For use by various homes

3. No toilet or latrine


form 93, back, questions 13-16

13. Does this home have a bath or shower with running water?

1. For this home’s exclusive use

2. For use by various homes

3. No bath or shower


14. Electric lighting in this home?

1. Yes

2. No


15. Icebox or mechanical refrigerator in the home?

1. Electric, gas, or other mechanical refrigerator

2. Icebox

3. No refrigerator


16. Is this home located on-

1. A parcel of land that is 3 or more Spanish acres?

2. A parcel of land that is a quarter acre but less than 3 acres?

3. Other parcel of land (less than a quarter acre)?

form 93 - back - questions 17 and 18

Homes on parcels of land less than 3 acres


17. Questionnaire number for estate





18a. Ownership

Home and land owned by occupant

Home owned by occupant, land not owned by occupant

Home rented

Occupied without paying rent



18b. Value or Rent

Current value of home and land


Current value of home $_______

Monthly rent for the land $_________ None


Monthly rent $_____


For rent, monthly rent $______

For sale, price $________

Not for rent or for sale