1950 Census

Spanish to English Translation for the 1950 Census Form P94 “Cuestionario Para Enumeración Individual”

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Panel 1 English Translation
form 94 - top

CONFIDENTIAL – This survey is authorized by an Act of the United States Congress (46 Stat. 21; 13 U.S.C. 201-218), which requires this report. The information you provide is considered strictly confidential. The census report cannot be used for the purposes of taxation, investigation, or regulation.


United States Department of Commerce
Bureau of the Census


Questionnaire for Individual Enumeration


Census of Population and Households: 1950


Puerto Rico

form 94 - top section

The census enumerator could not personally obtain from you the information required for the census.

Do us the favor of answering all of the questions in this questionnaire as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes. Seal your report with the gummed paper that is attached to ensure that your responses are not disclosed. The information given in the census is confidential. The enumerator will come by to collect your report.

Fill out the questionnaire even if this is not your permanent residence. 

The enumerator can provide you with additional forms for other members of your family, if necessary.

Philip M. Hauser, Interim Director
Bureau of the Census

form 94 section

form 94 - section

United States Department of Commerce
Bureau of the Census


Questionnaire for individual enumeration

Panel 2 English Translation
form 94 section

What is your name



(Surnames)         (First name)

form p94  section

Where do you usually live? (Mark a box)


() Here. (Mark this box if this is your usual residence or if you have no other usual residence)


() Another place. (Mark this box if you live in another place. Make note of the address of that place)


a) Address:



(Street and number)



(City or town)



(Ward)            (Municipality or state)


b) In addition to the address, describe the location. (For example, on the west side of Tanca Street, between San Sebastian and Norzagaray streets, or 2 kilometers to the north of the town of Vega Alta on the highway going toward Vega Baja.)


c) Is there a member of your family or other person that can give the information for you?



(Note the name or write “No one”

Form P94 section

3) What is your relationship with the head of the family in your usual residence?


() I am the head 

() I am not the head (If you are not the head, make note of your relationship to the head of the family with home you usually live)



(Son, daughter, wife, father-in-law, guest, lodger, etc.)


4) Indicate your color or race


() White () Of color (black or mulatto)


Other race _________________



5) What is your sex? (Mark the appropriate box)


() Male () Female

Panel 3 English Translation
Form P-94 section

6) How old were you on your last birthday?

(If less than one year, note the birth month, such as May, June, December, etc.)





7) Where were you born?


() Puerto Rico _______________



() Continental United States


() Territory, possession, or foreign country



Form P-94 section

8) Indicate your marital status


() Married

() In a  consensual union

() Widowed

() Divorced

() Single


9) Do you know how to read and write?


() Yes           () No

form P-94 section

10) What is the highest grade that you attended in school? (Mark the box of the grade)


Kindergarten ()


Elementary School 1() 2() 3() 4() 5() 6() 7() 8()


High School 1() 2() 3() 4()


University or vocational school 1() 2() 3() 4() 5 or more()


I have never attended school ()

form P-94 section

(11) Did you pass this grade? 
() Yes    () No

(12) ¿Have you attended school any time after February 1, 1950?
() Yes    () No

(13) Can you speak english?
() Yes    () No

Panel 4 English Translation
Form P-94 section



(14) What were you doing last week? 

(Mark each appropriate box)


(a) I worked for an employer or in my own business, profession, or farm

(b) I looked for employment

(c) I had a job in which I did not work

(d) I did household chores in my home

(e) I went to school

(f)  I am permanently disabled to work

(g) None of the above applies to me

form P-94 section

(15) If you worked last week, how many hours did you work? 

I worked _____ hours


(16) How many hours did you work in 1949? (Enter full weeks)

() I worked ___ weeks during 1949 

() I did not work during 1949

section from form P-94

(17) Answer parts (a), (b), and (c) if


-- you have worked for any period after January 1, 1949 for pay or profit.


-- or if you are looking for employment.

(Describe the job from last week. If you did not work last week, describe your last job or business)


(a) What was your occupation? 

(Give an exact answer, for example: farmer, farmworker, nurse practitioner, chemical engineer, etc.)


(b) In what industry or business did you work?

(Give an exact answer, for example: farm, leather shoe factory, retail shoe store, law firm, public school, etc.)


(c) Was this work for--(Mark a box)

() A private employer for wages, salary, commission, piecework, etc.?

() The Insular, Federal, Municipal government?

() On my own for my business, profession, or farm?

() A relative, without wages in farm or business?

(Please answer the questions on page 5)

Panel 5 English Translation
form P-94 section

(18) Did you work during the past year (1949) for wages or salaries, tips, commission, etc.?


() Yes, I earned approximately $____

Enter total amount without discounts for retirement, government bonuses, etc.


() No


(19) Did you work during the past year (1949) in your own business or professional practice for which you received monetary income?


() Yes, received approximately $____

(Enter the net income; that is, the remainder after subtracting the operating expenses from the revenues.)


() No

form P-94 section

(20) Did you receive any money in interest, dividends, veteran allowances, pensions, rents, or other income last year?


() Yes, approximately $____


() No


(21) ¿Are you now in active service in the Armed Forces of the United States? (Mark a box)


() Yes    () No

form P-94 section

(22) Did you serve in the Armed Forces of the United States during--(Answer (a), (b), and (c) below)


(a) World War II?..... Yes / No


(b) World War I?..... Yes / No


(c) Another war or peacetime service?..... Yes / No




(23) How many children born live have you had? (Do not include children born dead.)


(Number)              () None

Panel6 English Translation
form P-94 section Leave the stamped report with the enumerator or with the person who gave you the form
section from form P-94



(Municipality)       (City or Town)


(Ward)              (City or Town)


(E. D. Number)


(a) If hotel, guest house, institution, military post, ship, etc., give


1. (Name)


2. (Type)


3. Room number (if it applies)


(b) Number of dwelling in order of the visit