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Electronic Records Reference Reports

Finding Records

The reference staff provides information about NARA's electronic records holdings and assists researchers in finding those records that are most useful for their projects. Full descriptions of electronic records series that are in NARA's custody are available via the National Archives Catalog. The Catalog can be searched by title, type of archival material, dates, or keyword.

NARA makes some accessioned electronic records files and documentation available for download via the Catalog. For more details, please see Accessing Electronic Records via the National Archives Catalog.

NARA also offers online access to a selection of its electronic records through the Access to Archival Databases (AAD) resource.

For information on options for access to electronic records by ordering copies on removable media, please see Ordering Information for Electronic Records.

The following list of reference reports and descriptive handouts describe some electronic records maintained by NARA related to specific topics: