Holocaust-Era Assets

Art Provenance and Claims Records and Research

Descriptive List of Key Records

State Department Records

(a) Record Group and Series: RG 59 General Records of the Department of State, Records Maintained by the Fine Arts and Monuments Adviser 1945-1961.

Box # File Titles or Subjects
25 Lists of Missing Objects-Austria
  • List of unidentified paintings stored at Residenz-Depot, Salzburg. Identified by artist. The list contains a description of the painting, medium, dimensions and condition.
  • List of paintings of unknown origin from Castle Fischhorn. The list contains a description of the painting, medium, dimensions and condition.
  • Miscellaneous unidentified art objects. Contains a description of the work and artist
  • Sven Hedin Library. Documents are in German. Contains the number of volumes, subject, remarks and stamps.
  • Paintings of undetermined origin from Castle Ennsegg. Contains artist, description, dimensions, and condition.
  • Ribbentrop Painting Collection. Contains title, medium, artist (if known)
  • Miscellaneous documents including a list of Austrian objects still missing as of May 20, 1949, correspondence regarding a painting by da Vinci owned by the Von Trapp family, and correspondence regarding a Pisarro painting.
25 Lists of Stolen Objects-Italy.
  • Correspondence regarding 3 missing drawings sent to the 1939 World Fair.
  • Information on the primary suspect, Agnosti Reali
  • Transcript/Report from the Superintendent of Galleries of Florence, Arezzo and Pistoia regarding the missing drawings. Photographs of the art work is also in this folder.
  • List of stolen Italian manuscripts. Contains manuscript author, description, and catalog number. Also a request for information regarding a stolen manuscript.