Holocaust Records

Digitized Images

Some of the records listed and described in Dr. Greg Bradsher’s finding aid were microfilmed by NARA in the early 2000s. Digital images of the microfilmed records can be viewed free of charge through the Holocaust-Era Assets Collection at fold3.com. NARA has been uploading the images produced by fold3.com into the National Archives Catalog. The following microfilm publications are fully available in the Catalog as of November 2020:

The microfilm publications listed below are in the process of being uploaded to the Catalog and are currently partially available to view and download:

In addition, relevant files from two series of records have been digitized in house and are available in the Catalog:

Monuments Men and the Allied Effort to Save European Cultural Heritage at the Eisenhower Library

The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program, often referred to as the Monuments Men, was an international group established in 1943 that worked under the Civil Affairs and Military Government Sections to help protect cultural property during and after World War II. Their mission was to identify art, architecture, monuments, and archives that needed to be preserved; work with Allied commanders to limit damage to these cultural resources; work with local officials to stabilize and repair damages to monuments and architecture; identify and locate art, archives, and other cultural resources that had been removed by German forces; gather recovered works into staging areas for identification and preservation; and return the works to legitimate owners.