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United States, International, Academic, and Organization links relating to Holocaust-Era Assets.


United States

International Links


  • Consulates and Embassies, Presidential Advisory Commission
  • The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC): ICHEIC is a voluntary organization established in October of 1998 by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), in conjunction with several European insurance companies, European regulators, representatives of several Jewish organizations and the State of Israel. The Association of Insurers in the Netherlands later joined ICHEIC on behalf of the entire Dutch insurance industry.




United Kingdom

Academic Links


  • The Holocaust: Jewish Student Online Research Center (JSOURCE)
  • The Wiesenthal Center webpage on European bank and insurance accounts related to the Holocaust-Era. The Interagency Working Group (IWG) held a public forum at the Simon Wiesenthal's Museum of Tolerance on June 24, 1999, to solict the advice of scholars and knowledgeable members of the public about wartime and postwar programs, events and individuals that may have led to the creation of security classified records. The event was broadcast via live audio and may be heard at the Wiesenthal's website
  • Forced and Slave labor atrocities documentation. Cohen, Milstein, Hausfield & Tolls e-journal
  • The Mazal Library: A Holocaust resource with warcrime trial transcripts
  • Holocaust Memorial Center
  • ABC News Special Report: The Profits of Plunder.
  • PBS Frontline page on Switzerland's WWII neutrality, its financial dealings with the Third Reich, and looted assets still held in Swiss banks
  • Bruno Giussani refers to his website as a "one-stop" resource monitoring the controversy over the recovery of WWII assets
  • World Web News site on Swiss banks: Yves Magat's website
  • Nizkor Project: Labor Camps & the Nuremberg Trials
  • Museum Security Network: cultural property security
  • Silent Voices Speak: Holocaust-related art exhibitions and lectures