Holocaust-Era Assets

Military Agency Records RG 165

The War Department and the Army Records

Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs (RG 165)

Records of the Office of the Director of Intelligence G-2

Records of Subordinate Offices

Records of the Latin American Branch

Formerly Security-Classified General Correspondence 1940-1946 (Entry 188)

This series relates to suspected pro-Axis activities of individuals and organizations throughout Latin America; investigations of specific incidents of espionage and sabotage; overt activities of Nazi Party organizations in Latin America; and data on the arrest, deportation, and internment of individuals. Arranged in the following subseries: 1) alphabetically by name of country; 2) by general subject area (activities, censorship, deportations and internments) and thereunder alphabetically by country; 3) Federal Bureau of Investigation reports for specific countries; 4) Spanish diplomatic and political activities, thereunder by country; and, 5) suspects (individuals), thereunder by country. Boxes 966-1007 location: 390/35/17/05

Box # Country/Subject
966-967 Argentina location: 390/35/17/05
968 Bolivia location: 390/35/17/05
968-969 Brazil location: 390/35/17/05
970 Chile location: 390/35/17/06
971 Colombia location: 390/35/17/06
972 Costa Rica
Cuba location: 390/35/17/06
973 Ecquador
British Guiana
El Salvador
Mexico location: 390/35/17/06
974 Nicaragua
Paraguay location: 390/35/17/06
975 Peru
Puerto Rico
Dutch Guiana (Surinam)
Venezuela location: 390/35/17/06
976 Italian Activities in Latin America location: 390/35/17/06
977-979 Japanese Activities in Latin America location: 390/35/17/07
980-993 Subject Files location: 390/35/17/07
994-997 FBI Reports location: 390/35/18/03
998-1003 Spanish Diplomatic and Political Activities location: 390/35/18/04
1004-1007 Suspects location: 390/35/18/04

Records of the Operations Division (OPD)

The War Plans Division (WPD), renamed the Operations Division (OPD) in March 1942, was responsible for preparing the Army's strategical, logistical, and operational plans and for assisting the Chief of Staff in the coordination and direction of operations in the overseas departments, 1939-1942, and the theatres of operation, 1942-1945. The Operations Division coordinated, planned, and developed current and future operations in conjunction with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Combined Chiefs of Staff, on whose committees it was usually represented.

Security-Classified General Correspondence 1942-1945 (Entry 418)

Arranged in three subseries: 1) arranged according to the War Department decimal classification scheme, 2) "201" name file arranged alphabetically by surname, and 3) "project file" arranged alphabetically by subject thereunder chronologically. Boxes 310-1920 location: 390/36/20/01

Boxes 962-963 Switzerland (mainly related to alleged American violations of Swiss neutrality) April 1944-December 1945 location: 390/36/33/04

Top Secret General Correspondence, 1942-1945 (Entry 419)

Arranged according to the War Department decimal classification scheme and thereunder chronologically. Boxes 1-178 location: 390/37/18/01

Box # File # and Title
143 OPD 336 TS (1945) Sec. III Case 67 - Transfer of German Gold to State National Bank at Bern, Switzerland. location: 390/37/20/07
166 OPD 386.3 TS (1945) Sec. I Case 1 - Disposition of Treasure Captured in Germany. location: 390/37/21/03

Card Index to Correspondence in Series 421 (Entry 420)

Arranged alphabetically by arm of service or subject and thereunder according to the War Department decimal classification scheme. Among the subjects are: Economic Warfare, Board; Gold-Miscellaneous.; Jews; Neutrals; Portugal; Restitution; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; War Refugee Board; and Winant [American Ambassador to Great Britain] For other topics please see listing in the consultation area in Room 2400. Boxes 1-98 location: 390/B/4/03

Top-Secret "American-British-Canadian" Correspondence (Known as the "ABC" File") Relating to the Organizational Planning and General Combat Operations During World War II and the Early Postwar Period 1940-1948 (Entry 421)

Arranged according to the War Department classification scheme and thereunder chronologically. Boxes 1-634 location: 390/37/24/03

Records of the War Department Special Staff

Records of the Civil Affairs Division

General Records

Cross-Reference Sheets to Correspondence in Entry 463 March 1943-July 1949 (Entry 462)

Arranged in five chronological subseries and thereunder according to the War Department decimal classification scheme: 1) March 1943-August 1945 (at the end of this series there is a group of cross-reference cards arranged alphabetically by name of foreign city or country); 2) August 1945-June 10, 1946; 3) June 11, 1946- December 1947; 4) January-December 1948; and, 5) January-July 1949. Boxes 1-21 location: 390/38/21/03

Security-Classified General Correspondence 1943-July 1949 (Entry 463)

Arranged in five chronological subseries described in Entry 462 and thereunder according to the War Department decimal classification scheme. Boxes 1-541 location: 390/38/35/05

Cross-Reference Sheets to the Correspondence in Entry 465 1946-July 1949 (Entry 464)

Arranged in three chronological subseries: 1) 1946-1947, 2) 1948, and, 3) January-July 1949. Boxes 1-10 location: 390/39/11/06

Top Secret General Correspondence 1946-July 1949 (Entry 465)

Arranged in three chronological subseries: 1) 1946-1947, 2) 1948, and, 3) January-July 1949. Boxes 1-4 location: 390/39/11/07

Top Secret Incoming and Outgoing Messages November 1942-July 1949 (Entry 466)

Arranged according to "incoming" and "outgoing" and thereunder chronologically. Boxes 14-28 location: 390/39/12/02

Security-Classified Office File of the Executive Officer January 1943-June 1946 (Entry 467)

Arranged alphabetically by subject. Boxes 542-547 location: 390/39/12/05

Security-Classified Papers of the Army Member of the Combined Civil Affairs Committee (CCAC) January 1942-June 1949 (Entry 468)

Arranged alphabetically by name of committee or subcommittee and thereunder numerically by paper number. Boxes 548-638 location: 390/39/12/05

Security-Classified Transcripts of Teletype Conversations Relating to Military Government and Civil Affairs Functions February 5, 1946-June 13, 1949 (Entry 469)

Arranged numerically by teletype number and thereunder chronologically. Boxes 741-768 location: 390/39/14/05

Records of the Policy and Government Branch

Security-Classified Policy and Planning Correspondence Relating to the Administration and Operation of Government in Liberated and Occupied Areas 1943-1947 (Entry 471)

Arranged alphabetically by subject. Boxes 769-790, and 1-6 location: 390/39/17/03

Box # File Title
770 Country Reports location: 390/39/17/03
772 Economic Studies location: 390/39/17/03
775 Reparations (2 folders) location: 390/39/17/04
776 SANACC [State, Army, Navy and Air Force Coordinating Committee) Minutes and Agendas 1948 location: 390/39/17/04
780-781 Germany location: 390/39/17/05
786 Joint Civil Affairs Committee Gold Pot Funds, Conference Notes [pertains to Japan] Report on German Properties in Japan location: 390/39/17/05

Security-Classified Reports and Correspondence 1943-1947 (Entry 472)

Boxes 791-803 location: 390/39/17/07

Box # File Title or Subject
791 Archives: Foreign Office Archives (German Analysts' File) Bibliography of Military Occupation: Part I: The German Occupation of France and Belgium CCAC Charter Status of Requests and Information Received Concerning External Assets as of January 10, 1946 Control Council Law No. 5: Vesting and Marshaling of German External Assets Marshaling German External Assets February 4, 1946 Control Regulations, Policies and Plans Relating to United States-Owned Property in Germany October 28, 1946 location: 390/39/17/07
792 Directives for Germany: War Criminals, Disarmament, Demilitarization, and demobilization location: 390/39/17/07
796 Foreign Economic Administration location: 390/39/18/01
799 Legal Consequences of Unconditional Surrender location: 390/39/18/01
803 War Criminals location: 390/39/18/02

Records of the Information Branch

Security-Classified War Refugee Board (WRB) and Other Messages Relating to the International Refugee Organization Program and the Activities of the Preparatory Commission of the International Refugee Organization (PCIRO) July 1944-June 1948 (Entry 475)

Arranged chronologically. Boxes 853-860 location: 390/39/18/03

Security-Classified General Correspondence of Col. D. H. Frost Relating to the Operation and Functions of the International Refugee Organization (IRO) and the Occupational Skills of Refugees under the Preparatory Commission of the International Refugee Organization (IRO) 1944-1952 (Entry 476)

Arranged in two alphabetical subseries: 1) by name of country ("Country File") and, 2) by subject. Boxes 809-852 location: 390/39/18/04

Box# File Titles
809 Alaska to Arab location: 390/39/18/04
810 Austria location: 390/39/18/04
811 Austria-Displaced Persons location: 390/39/18/04
812 Austria-Displaced Persons to Miscellaneous loc: 390/39/18/04
813 Austria-Transfer of IRODP's location: 390/39/18/04
814 Baltic to Eastern Europe Refugees location: 390/39/18/04
815 Germany-Emigration and Labor Service location: 390/39/18/05
816 Germany-Col. Frost DP Statistics location: 390/39/18/05
817 Germany-Official Gazettes location: 390/39/18/05
818 Germany-Messages location: 390/39/18/05
819 Germany-Transfer of Displaced Persons from United States location: 390/39/18/05
820 Hungarian to Japan location: 390/39/18/05
821 Jugoslav to Palestine location: 390/39/18/05
822 Philippines to Russia location: 390/39/18/06
823 Ryuku Islands to Trieste location: 390/39/18/06
824 Activities of Societies to Budget location: 390/39/18/06
825 Catholic Welfare to Displaced Persons location: 390/39/18/06
826 Displaced Persons Files location: 390/39/18/06
827 Displaced Persons Care to Displaced Persons Employment location: 390/39/18/06
828 Displaced Persons Escapee Program to Displaced Persons Health location: 390/39/18/06
829 Displaced Persons Highlights to Displaced Persons Legislation location: 390/39/18/07
830 Displaced Persons Miscellaneous to Displaced Persons Outline location: 390/39/18/07
831 Displaced Persons Program to Displaced Persons Travel location: 390/39/18/07
832 Expeller Law to Fiesser, J.L. location: 390/39/18/07
833 Forma to Haven in United States Zone location: 390/39/18/07
834 ICEM to Immigration Lag location: 390/39/18/07
835 IGC to ILO location: 390/39/18/07
836 IRO location: 390/39/19/01
837 IRO to Disposition location: 390/39/19/01
838 IRO Financial Report to Press Releases location: 390/39/19/01
839 IRO Report Occupational Skills to IRO PCIRO location: 390/39/19/01
840 IRO PICMME to Speeches location: 390/39/19/01
841-844 IRO 1st Session Pt. 1 & 2 to IRO 9th Session location: 390/39/19/01
845 Jewish Affairs to Meeting of Council location: 390/39/19/02
846 Memo's to Miscellaneous location: 390/39/19/02
847 Motuzas, Anthony to Photo's location: 390/39/19/02
848 PICMME location: 390/39/19/02
849 Population to Provisional Plan
850 Reading File to Sheets location: 390/39/19/03
851 State Department to UNHCR location: 390/39/19/03
852 Various Incidents (Riots) to WRB Report loc: 390/39/19/03

Records of the Intelligence Group

Correspondence, Reports, Directives, and Other Records Relating to the Activities and Functions of the Intelligence Group 1943-1947 (Entry 203)

Arranged alphabetically by subject. Boxes 781-796 location: 390/35/22/05

Box # File Title
787 Foreign Economic Administration location: 390/35/22/05
792 ONI-OSS-State Department location: 390/35/22/06
794 "G-2 Notes for Central Council Meeting, prepared by the Military Intelligence Service., These printed reports cover the period October 29, 1945-May 13, 1946 location: 390/35/22/06
796 "Review of Europe, Russia, and Middle East, prepared by Military Intelligence Division., These printed reports cover the period October 19, 1945-February 5, 1946, location: 90/35/11/06

Security-Classified Correspondence from U.S. Government Agencies and Foreign Sources Requesting Specific Military, Political, and Informational Data 1945-1949 (Entry 204)

Arranged in two alphabetical subseries: 1) by Government office and 2) by agency and thereunder numerically. Boxes 815-846 location: 390/35/22/07

Miscellaneous Records

Shuster Files (Entry UD 27)

This series consists of post-World War II interrogation reports of German military officers and other German leaders. Boxes 1-9 location: 390/35/15/06

Name of Person Interrogated Subject of Interrogation
Amann, Max (Note 5) Conversation with Bargen, Werner von Political Conditions in Belgium during the German Occupation
Bechtel, Heinrich (Note 6) Hitler and Economists
Dorsch, Xaver (Note 7) The Organization Todt
Finck, August von (Note 8) Private Banks
Frank, Philip (Note 9) Position of Banks under the Nazi-Regime
Frick, Wilhelm (Note 10) Interrogation and Conversations with
Funk, Walter Economic and Financial Questions
Geist, Friedrich Economic Preparations for War
Goering, Hermann Interrogations of
Hayler, Franz (Note 11) The Organization of the Economy and the Civilian Sector
Hettlage, Karl (Note 12) Financial Questions; War Finance
Hettlage, Karl Impressions of the Reich Ministry of Finance and the attitude of the Nazi Party toward financial problems
Ilau, Hans (Note 13) Economic War Preparations
Jecht, Horst Economic Policy
Kehrl, Hans War Economic Planning
Keppler, Wilhelm Hitler's Economic Adviser
Krosigk, Graf Questions on State Finances
Lahousen, Erwin State Department Special Interrogation Mission
Schacht, Hjalmar Economic and Financial Questions
Schwarz, Franz Xaver Functions as party Treasurer
Warlimont, Walter (Note 14) The German War Economic Organization
Zinnemann, Dr. (Note 15) Creation and Development of the War Economic Organization of the OKW