Holocaust-Era Assets

Military Agency Records RG 242

Captured Records

National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized (RG 242)

The National Archives established this Record Group in 1947 for records in federal custody that had been captured from the Axis Powers during World War II, or seized from the defeated Axis Powers at the end of the war. Nearly all of the originals of the seized World War II record have been returned to their country of origin, with the National Archives retaining microfilm copies.

This Record Group contains some documentation on German-Swiss financial transactions, 1933- 1945. Pertinent indexes to Records of the German Foreign Ministry are available upon request. Additional material may be included in records of the Reich Ministry of Economics (described in NARA German Guide 1). Records of the Deutsches Auslands Institute, Stuttgart, were identified by American officials in the postwar period as a potential source of information on German external assets. Records of this agency are included in the NARA collection and described in NARA German Guides 16 and 21. Also of potential interest are records of the German Plenipotentiary General for the Serbian Economy, described in NARA Guide 89, and pertaining exclusively to the exploitation of Jewish-owned assets in occupied Serbia. A complete search of our 70,000-roll microfilm collection would possibly yield more material pertinent to German external assets. It should be noted that most all of the NARA Captured German Records Collection consists of microfilm copies of original records that were returned to Germany and are in the custody of the German Bundesarchiv.

Researchers should consult Microfilm Resources for Research: A Comprehensive Catalog (Washington, DC, National Archives and Records Administration, 1996) for listings of microfilm copies of captured German records [search this catalog online]. Researchers should also consult Robert Wolfe, ed., Captured German and Related Records: A National Archives Conference. (National Archives Conferences Volume 3, published by Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1974). This volume contains sections on The Role of the United States Army in the Use of Captured German Records; The Historical and Legal Use of Captured German and Related Records by the United States Armed Forces; The Role of the Department of State in the Use of Captured German Records; Some Specialized Captured Records and Their Uses; and The Role of the National Archives in the Use of Captured German and Related Records.

Researchers also should consult the 16-page informational paper entitled "Captured German and Related Records on Microform in the National Archives," in the consultation area in Room 2400 for a detailed listing of microforms, background information, and applicable finding aids.

Records of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories, 1922-1945 (Entry 21A)

This series contains press reports, books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, and reports relating to the economies of Russia, the Balkans, other European countries, and the United States. Boxes 110-126

Records of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories, 1941-1945 (Entry 21B)

1 roll of 35mm positive microfilm, roll. 110. Box 1

Reich Ministry of Finance (Photoprints of Records of the Reich Ministry of Finance, Reichstinanzministerium), 1937-1945 (Entry 50)
Boxes 22-30

Private German Enterprise; Dresdner Bank (Microfilm Copies and Photoprints of Records of the Dresdner Bank) 1931-1944 (Entry 223)

176 rolls of 35mm negative microfilm Boxes 1-4

Private German Enterprises; Original and Microfilm Copies of Records of the I.G. Farben Industrial Firm, 1928-1945 (Entry 224)

83 rolls of 35 mm negative microfilm Boxes 1-4

Hq. US Group C.C. Finance Division APO 742; Reports of Financial Aspects of Germany 1945 (Entry UD 282BF)

6 rolls of 35mm positive microfilm. Box 1

Guides of German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria VA 1958 (Entry ZZ1)

Boxes 1-208 & 176A

Other Guides to Captured German Records, 1950 (Entry ZZ2)
Boxes 1-24

Center for Captured German and Related Records; Reference Collection; Foreign Office and Ministry of Economic Warfare (Entry ZZ30)
Boxes 1-3

Guides to German Records (Entry ZZ1001)
Boxes 1-2

Guides to German Records Filmed at Alexandria (entry ZZ1003)
Box 4

Berlin Document Center Library Collection Microfilms

The publications in this series are printed in German. A complete listing of the contents can be located in the consultation area in Room 2400. The microfilm can be accessed in Microfilm Research Room 4050.

Reel # Frame #s Publication Title or Subject (in English)
1-3   National Socialist Yearbooks 1927-1928, 1932-1940, 1943- 1944
10 10-16 National Socialist Yearbook 1931
13 795-862 Europe Works in Germany 1943, includes photograph of Fritz Sauckel, chief of slave labor recruitment
16 615-843 Compilation of dated orders and instructions issued by Rudolf Hess or Martin Bormann prior to March 1937. Contains directives covering virtually aspect of life including actions against Jews.
16 947-1380 Official Journal of Enactments of the Reich 1940-1942
17 318-1348 NSDAP Bulletin of Statutes 1931-1938
  6-152 Abstract of all decrees published in the bulletin of statutes of the administration of the NSDAP until the end of December 1937
18 171-1361 Bulletin of Decrees and Statutes of the NSDAP leadership 1933-1943
19 1-1486 Bulletin of Decrees issued by the NSDAP headquarters 1938
22 455-497, 574-635, 714-744, 900-957 Bibliography of Germans abroad 1940-1941, 1943
28 1345-1762 Collection of circulars and orders directly to party officials 1934-1937
30 398-531 Statistical yearbook of the SS of the NSDAP 1937-1938
41 531-1016 Correspondence between the German Red Cross, the Swedish Red Cross and the International Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland, about inspections of concentration camps 1933-1926
42 10-172 Laws of the Reich's Chamber of Culture ending December 31, 1934
47 965-1167 Die Weltkunst (Art of the world) 1937, 1941, 1944. A magazine for collectors and museums, listing exhibits, auctions, and advertisements
48 472-920 Foreign exchange circulars, as of March 15, 1942, 6th ed.
49 11-822 National Socialist handbook for law and legislation, ed. by Hans Frank, 1935
51 1266-1313 Nurnberg Laws of September 1935
  1047-1128 The Nurnberg laws regarding national civil law and the protection of German blood and German honor 1936
  1129-1256 The Nurnberg Laws, commentary, 4th ed., 1936
  1313-1520 National Socialist and family laws 1937
  1686-1820 The marriage laws of 1935
  352-419 The new law of the civil register 1937
  1521-1685 The law of race 1938, with introduction by Hans Frank
  221-351 German racial maintenance 1937
52 852-924 Periodical for eastern European law, January-June 1943. topics include property laws
  1392-1475 Reorganization of law and economy, 13th issue, 1937
  226-292 Reorganization of law and economy: Racial and hereditary purity legislation of the Reich, issue 5, part 2, 1942
54 663-803 Criminal justice-simplified, 1944
55 1324-1447 Dr. Wilhelm Frick and his Ministry-essays, including ones on racial laws, 1937
58 4-1546 Official gazette of the national and Prussian Ministry of the Interior, 1942-1945
60 733-804 The use of foreign workers in Germany, 1942
  963-981 The working conditions of foreign workers, n.d.
  1129-1160 Handbook for the offices of the executive of labor deployment and interested offices in Greater Germany and occupied territories; includes picture of publisher Fritz Sauckel, 1944
64 1058-1089 The deployment of foreign works in Germany, special reprint from the labor gazette, 1942
  1107-1867 The employment of foreigners in Germany: collection of valid regulations with extensive explanations and references, ca. 1942-1943
67 4-1845 The German national economy, vols. 8-10, 1939-1941; topics include trade, industrial resources, raw materials, war economy, labor allocations, corporate annual reports, economic development in acquired territories, etc.
72 6-333 National Socialist political economy, 1943-1944
  960-976 Speech by Bernhard Kohler on slave labor, 1936
73 980-1034 Characteristics of the German civilian and military economy, 1943
  794-902 Economic research in continental Europe, 1943
74 176-294 Economic policy based on National Socialist source of power-a collection of selected lectures, speeches and presentations, 1939
  533-582 Restructuring of law and economy, 1937
  51-104 Papers on political economy by Bernhard Kohler, 1941 75
  682-1158 The four-year plan-newspaper for National Socialist economic policy, 1940-1944
  234-254, 283-620 The German economist, 1941-1942
  622-681 National industrial group-summary of monthly sales in the accounts and groups of accounts of the main accounting department of the national industrial group from April 1, 1944 to April 1945
92 283-293 Collection of printed 1940 notices and decrees including seizure of metal reserves and instructions on treatment of Polish agricultural workers
100 183-216 The legal basis of the National Socialist leader-principle state, by Hans Frank, ca., 1938
  298-351 Characteristics of the German civilian and war economy 1943
  487-584 National Socialist yearbook, 1928
101 3-2228 The home front, 1941-1942, 1944
102 627-654 The Reich and Europe, by SS Reichsfuhrer, n.d.
103 780-822 Die Juden (the Jews) 1933, by G. Feder, 1933 Der deutsche Staat (The German state), by G. Feder; includes National Socialist ideology and propaganda, including extermination of Jews, 1933
  611-644 Judicial teaching based on racial laws, 1933
  993-1545 National Socialist monthly pamphlets, (Note 66) 1938
104-105   National Socialist monthly pamphlets, 1938-1942
106 3-567 National Socialist monthly pamphlets, 1943-1944
  1229-1277 The Reich and Europe, 1943
107 846-960 NSDAP series, group II, German labor, 1942-1943
  692-726 NSDAP series, group II, German labor 1942
  731-780 NSDAP series, group II, German labor 1943
  784-841 NSDAP series, group II, German labor 1940
  276-369 NSDAP series, group VIII, The Jew, 1940
108 674-1455 Party archives, 1936-1943
109 1511-525 National Socialist economic policy, 1942
110   NSDAP-party office-confidential information; includes information concerning racial topics including Jews, Gypsies, eastern Europeans, 1942-1943
111 4-1474 NSDAP party chancellery-confidential information; incomplete weekly party gazette that includes information on foreign labor, Jews, occupied territories, February 1943-February 1945
112 424-449 Political selections from books and periodicals, including the Jewish final solution, n.d. 6-52 Administrative announcements, NSDAP national leadership, national treasurer, 1936-1942
114 2227-2266 Die Lage (The Position), ed. by Joseph Goebbels, propaganda by the central information service of the NSDAP national office for propaganda, June-Sept. 1944
118 6-753 Gazette of decrees and orders of the regional leadership in various regions of the NSDAP, 1937-1941
119 1090-1494 Loose collection of printed SA and SS orders, directives, memos, decrees issued 1931-1945; includes information on racial laws, prison camps, Jewish archives, implementation of racial and foreign labor policy, etc.
120 1395-1523 The SA leader: newsletter of the SA leaders of the NSDAP, 1942-1944
122 948-1020 Reich leader SS, chief of security, status report-secret, May- June 1934; includes information about Jewish issues.
  1406-1417 Informational reports concerning the Jewish question, secret, issued by the chief of Sicherheitspolizei and the SD, December 1943-January 1944
  616-775 SS guide 2,4,7-The SS leader, chief of the executive office of race and resettlement, vol. 3, June, August, November 1937
124 6-1390 SS Teutonic guidebooks 1942-1943; contains information on a wide variety of subjects of interest and concern to the SS.
125 1115-1240 Yearbook of national SS security headquarters, section V, criminal police, 1940
  380-630 SS guideline notebooks: Estonian, Norwegian, Dutch, vol. 3, 1944. Eight issues written in Estonian, Norwegian, and Dutch.
126 46-368 SS bulletin of orders, 1934-1937
127 856-879 Introduction to SS and police jurisdiction as of July 1944
128 5-82 Overview of the general laws of the main office for the security of the Reich, October 1940
  176-332 Quarterly reports of the main office of security; includes information on currency, banks, insurance, finance, labor, race, and a variety of subjects, 1939
134 813-824 Consideration of the utilization of conquered territories by the German nation-secret, December 1941
136 1411-1576 German law - a weekly issue, 1941-February 1942
137 4-1287 German law - central organ of the National Socialist preservation league, March-December 1942, January 1943, January-December 1944 edited by Hans Frank. This weekly publication contains information on legal topics dealing with Jewish property, occupied territories, eliminations of Jews, mortgages for Jews, labor law, foreigners and stateless persons, inheritance, war economy, etc.
145 1046-1200 German weekly service, containing news, short essays, and propaganda on a variety of subjects, including Jews, insurance companies, United States economic warfare, 1943-January 1945
158 1052-2245 German cultural news service, July-December 1944; contains information on a 1937 art exhibit, Berlin library, etc.
  2246-2345 Great German art exhibit of 1937;. includes an index of art and illustrations, 1937
  2348-2445 Great German art exhibit of 1938; includes an index of art and illustrations, 1938
  2446-2550 Great German art exhibit of 1941; includes an index or art and illustrations, 1941
159 1148-1191 Paintings by old and modern masters, furniture, crafted items from different private collections-voluntary auction, February 1943. Pamphlet listing art auctions by Leo Spik. Owners identified by initials and numbers only.
  1111-1148 Art Collection F.-Berlin-paintings by modern masters, sculptures, furniture, porcelain, fayence, June 1937. Pamphlet listing art auctions by Carl Kruger, Berlin of "F art collection and other private collections. Owners identified by number only. illustrations.
  902-11110 Art review, vols. 49-51, 1941-1943. Issues contain information on art dealers, art books, essays and announcements of exhibits and auctions.
  799-824 Art for the people-fine arts monthly-special edition, by Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann, on the great German art exhibit at Munich, 1943
  472-492 The collector of autographs-a monthly series of catalogues by the house of J.A. Stargardt, vol. 4, June 1939-May 1940
165 7-1537 Germany at war, Propaganda ministry publication, 1941- 1943
168 1306-1437 Service instructions of the special police regarding the treatment of foreigners, including Jews 1938-1939
170 711-801 Development and structure of political police, n.d.
  604-710 Police uniform regulations; includes rule to list first names of Jews only as Israel or Sara.
  528-552 The German police- vol. 5, November 1937
  1161-1325 Service regulation for the Gestapo-secret, n.d.
171 200-330 Criminal police-guide and handbook of phrases, 1943
173 1851-1957 Citizenship laws of the greater German Reich, 1943
  876-1850 Collection of directives for the German police, vol. 2, Prussian ed., n.d.; topics include the elimination of Jews from German economy.

Microfilm Collections

Researchers should consult the 16-page informational paper entitled "Captured German and Related Records on Microform in the National Archives," in the consultation area in Room 2400 for a detailed listing of microforms, background information, and applicable finding aids. A brief listing of microfilm is listed below:

Microfilm # Rolls Subject
T-70 133 Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda 1936-1944
T-71 149 Reich Ministry of Economics
T-73 193 Reich Ministry for Armaments and War Production
T-75 89 Office of the Reich Plenipotentiary for the Serbian Economy
T-76 7 Organization Todt
T-81 738 Nazi Party and the Deutsches Ausland-Institut
T-82 552 Nazi Cultural and Research Institutions, and records pertaining to Axis relations and interests in the Far East
T-83 248 Private Austrian, Dutch and German enterprises 1917-1946
T-120 5,485 German Foreign Office 1867-1945; Reich Chancelleries 1919-1945
T-175 678 Reich Leader of the SS and Chief of the German Police
T-253 62 Private German individuals
T-290 52 Archives of the German Embassy at Washingtion 1921-1938
T-354 799 Miscellaneous SS records
T-355 9 Name index of Jews whose German nationality was annulled by the Nazi Regime
T-454 167 Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories 1941-1945
T-457 14 Documentation in the Berlin Document Center concerning Jews
T-459 45 Office of Reich Commissioner for the Baltic States 1941-1945
T-580 986 Non-biographical records of several offices of the Nazi Party, its formations, affiliated associations and supervised organizations; private papers of some Nazi leaders; records of some Reich ministries and other governmental agencies; and records of some private industrial corporations and persons
T-586 318 Personal papers of Benito Mussolini, together with some official records of the Italian Foreign Office and the Ministry of Culture 1922-1944
T-816 3 Papers of Count Ciano
T-973 21 Collection of Hungarian political and military records 1909-1945
A3355 189 Miscellaneous lists and registers of German concentration camp inmates