Holocaust-Era Assets

Military Agency Records

Theaters of Operations

Records of United States Army Commands, 1942-
(RG 338)

Records of European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army

The term European Theater of Operations came to be used during the war to designate the area of operations of the United States air, ground, naval, and supply forces that joined the British forces after December 7, 1941. The Theater area eventually stretched from the British Isles to Eastern Germany and from the Scandinavian countries south to the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean, the northern border of Italy, and the Balkans. The command that was given control over United States troops in the United Kingdom in January 1942, was Headquarters United States Army Forces in the British Isles (USAFBI). Replacing it on June 8, 1942, was Headquarters European Theater of Operations United States Army (ETOUSA). On July 1, 1945 ETOUSA was renamed United States Forces European Theater (USFET) and in March 1947 USFET was renamed European Command.

Records of the Secretary, General Staff

Classified General Correspondence 1944-1945

Boxes 1-63

Box # Decimal # Subject
1 000.5 War Crimes, Acts of
000.5/1 Machinery and Policy for Handling War Criminals
000.5/2 War Criminals
2 000.5/2 Lists of War Criminals-1945
000.5/3 United Nations Renegardes and Quislings
8 091 Spain-1945
091 Switzerland-1945
10 091.3 Germany-German Economic Problems
091.411 SOE/OSS Activities 1944-1945
13 123/2 Captured Gold Bullion. Contains report made by the G-5 Division on contents of various mines in the Merkers area and a preliminary inventory of gold bullion, currency, and miscellaneous property transferred to the Reichsbank at Frankfurt from Merkers. (2 folders)
52 383.7 Displaced German Nationals
383.7 Norwegian Displaced Persons
383.7 Refugees and Displaced Persons (4 folders)
63 601 Property-Germany

Records of the Adjutant General's Section

Records of the Administrative Branch

Classified General Correspondence 1942-1944

Arranged according to the War Department Decimal Classification System.
Boxes 1-321

Box # Decimal # Subject
5 007 Fine Arts (2 folders)

Classified General Correspondence 1945

Arranged according to the War Department Decimal Classification System.
Boxes 322-457

Box # Decimal # Subject
322-324 000.5 War Crimes and Criminals
326 004 Banks, Banking, Commercial Firms
007 Looted Art
337-338 123 Funds
425-426 383.7 Refugees
426-428 386 Property Rights

Records of the Prisoner of War Interrogation Section (MIS-Y)

Records of the 3rd Army Interrogation Center

Interrogation Reports 1945

Includes Report #38 "The Abwehr and the SD in Spain," (9 September 1945) and
Report #48 "The Deutsche Bank and Its Industrial Interests," (17 September
1945). Box 69

Records of the 7th Army Interrogation Center

Interrogation Reports, Consolidated Interrogation Reports 1945, and Special German
Intelligence Interrogation Reports, 1945

Includes report entitled "Foreign Office Personnel and Records" (13 June 1945)
and "Reich Ministry of Economics" (13 June 1945)
Box 72

Special Interrogation Reports 1945 and Miscellaneous Reports 1945

Includes three interrogations of Herman Goering (19, 21, 24 May 1945) and one
with Walter Funk (21 May 1945). Box 73

Final Interrogation Reports 1945

Includes report entitled "Walter Funk, Reich Minister of Economics [and]
President of the Reichsbank" (6 July 1945)
Box 74

Miscellaneous Interrogation Reports 1944-1945

Includes report entitled "Abwehr Activities in Portugal" (29 August 1945)
Box 75

Records of the Military Intelligence Service Field Interrogation Service

Records of the Mobile Field Interrogation Unit #1

POW Intelligence Bulletins 1944-1945

Includes Bulletin No. 1/38 "German Banks" (16 February 1945) and Bulletin No.
1/58 "Abwehr Activities" (22 May 1945), which includes information on
Switzerland and other countries. Box 84

Records of the Department of State Special Investigative Mission

Interrogation Reports 1945-1946

Box 104

Among the Reports:

Name of the Interrogated Subject of Interrogation
Wilhelm Keppler Foreign Economic Relations of Germany
Eugene Klee Nazi activities in Ecuador
Dietrich Niebuhr German intelligence activities in Argentina
Edmund Thermann German activities in Argentina
Heinrich Borchers Nazi activities in Chile
Franz von Papen German-Turkish relations
Paul Schmidt German policy in Southeastern Europe and Turkey
Hans Thomsen German-Scandinavian relations
Hanna Feldtange Activities in Sweden of August Finke, SD Chief there and Assistant Commercial Attache of German Legation
Edmund Veesenmayer German policy in Southwestern Europe 1939-1944
Hermann Neubacher German policy in Southeastern Europe 1941-1945
Ernst W. Bohle Activities of the Auslands-organizations in Latin America
Theodor Paeffgen Activity of the Reichssicherheit-shauptamt(RSHA) respecting Latin America
Baron Oswald von Hoyningen-Huene German-Portuguese Relations from 1934 to 1941
Paul Schmidt Germany and Spain

Records of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-5

Records of the Administrative Branch

History 1946-1947

Boxes 1-2

Records of the Historical Division

Records of Program Files

Records of Allied Organizations

Records of Supreme HQ, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF)

Handbooks on German Organizations 1945

Boxes 1-2

Records of American Organizations

Records of US Element, Allied Control Authority

Basic Preliminary Plan 1945

Boxes 1-4

Miscellaneous Records 1945

Box 1

Charts, Directives, Summaries, Memos 1944-1945

Box 1

Records of the Office of Military Government for Germany U.S. (OMGUS)

Basic Plan for Control of Germany; Chronology of OMGUS 1945

Box 1

Reports, Summaries, Charts 1945-1946

Box 1

Reports, Memos, Summaries and Reviews 1945-1946

Box 1

Summaries, Memos 1946-1947

Box 1

Daily Intelligence Digest 1945-1946

Box 1

Records of US Forces, European Theater (USFET)

Records of the G-5 Section

Operations Reports 1946

Box 1

History, Plans 1945-1946

Box 1

Letters (Economics Branch) 1945-1946

Box 1