Holocaust-Era Assets

Military Agency Records RG 407

The War Department and the Army Records

Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917-
(RG 407)

During World War II the Adjutant General's Office provided, in War Department headquarters and at the major echelons in the Army, several administrative services.

Records of the Administrative Services Division

Records of the Operations Branch

Index to Occupied Area Reports (Entry 368)

Boxes 1-3 location: 270/69/22/07

Foreign (Occupied) Area Reports 1945-1954 (Entry 368B)

Boxes 998-2304 location: 270/69/23/01 Box 1018A location: 270/B/22/04 Box 1106A location: 270/B/22/04 Box and folder lists are available for Boxes 1000-1099 (all pertain to Germany), 1116-2304. Only a small sampling of files are listed below.

Box # File Title or Subject
1005 Displaced persons
1013 Robert Bosch GmbH (external assets-Germany)
1018-1020 External assets
1020 German Economic Interests in Portugal Report on German properties in Japan Report on August von Finck
1021-1022 External Assets
1022 Progress Report on Investigation of Six Banks December 1945
1023 RobertBosch, GmbH
1024 Camouflaging of German External Assets DeGussa-Kertess & Chemical Markt. Co.
1025 External Assets
1026 External Assets-Deutsche Gold und Silber Scheideanstalten Dresdner Bank Investigation
1027-1028 External Assets
1028 Interests and activities in Argentina
1028-1030 Report on the Investigation of the Deutsche Bank
1030-1031 External Assets- I.G. Farben
1031 Value of Gold and Silver Bullion and Coin held by Commanding General, USFET at the Reichsbank Building in Frankfurt, VolumeI Report 19 August 1945 (50 pp.) Volumes II and III are located in Box 1034.
1031-1032 External Assets
1032 Ford Werke AG (ca. 500 pp.) location: 270/69/23/06
1033 External Assets, Hermann Goering
External Assets of Hermann Goering. Contains several Safehaven reports
The Hidden Gold-Reserve program Initiated by the German
Reichs bank during Schacht's Second Term in Office (50 pp)
Report on the Gold of the National Bank of Bohemia and Moravia
Report on the Gold of the Sparkasse Luxembourg
1034 External Assets- Value of Gold and Silver Bullion and Coin held by CG
Report on Gold of the Banca d'Italia taken to Germany and subsequentlyentered on the books of the German Reichsbank
1035-1036 External Assets External Assets of Heinrich Himmler
1037-1043 External Assets
1043 Ribbentrop Investigation
Precious Metal, prepared 8-9 February 1945 by Reichsbank
Hauptkassein Berlin for evacuation to mine in Merkers (9 pp.)
Report on Recovery of Reichs bank Precious Metals
External Assets of Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Reich Security Office) (ca. 60 pp)
1044 External Assets
SS Loot and the Reichsbank. report 30 October 1945
External Assets of Walter Schellenberg
1045-1049 External Assets
1049 Reporton the Investigation of Dr. Kurt Schmitt
1050-1051 External Assets
1054 German Banks
Dresdner and Deutsch Banks Special Report June 1947
Status of the Banks in the U.S. Zone Special Report April 1946
"German Banking Penetration in Continental Europe Preliminary
Draft of Report by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, September 1944
1124-1129 Reparations and Restitution
1129 Interrogation of and Reports about Hjalmar Schacht
1248-1304 I.G. Farben, including its American and Swiss connections
1402-1404 Nazi Party Membership Records (A-Y)
1412 Displaced Persons in Austria
1432 Austria-Reparations and Restitution
1442 Austria-Displaced Persons
1451 Austria-Reparations and Restitution
1486-1499 Army Service Forces Handbooks (Countries A-Y)
1502-1503 Navy Civil Affairs Handbooks re War Refugee Board with separate handbooks on Cooperation with Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Latin America; and other handbooks on refugee activities in various countries
1515 Latin America-Axis Espionage and Propaganda
1518 Displaced Persons-Poland
1613-1618 Department of State Bulletins