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Art Provenance and Claims Research at NARA: Cultural Property Claims Index: Arranged by Name/Description

Arranged by Name/Description

Note: These claims are found in the Cultural Property Claim Applications, 1946-1948 within the records of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Section of the Office of the Military Government - United States (OMGUS) (Record Group 260, Records of the U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II).

This series is available on NARA Microfilm Publication M1949, Rolls 8-26. Adobe Acrobat PDF


Name/Description Claim Number Country Roll # Microfilm Publication #
Labi, D F109c France 17 M1949
Lachovsky F336 France 14 M1949
Ladner, Oscar A037 Austria 9 M1949
Lafaille-Chaleysin F351 France 14 M1949
Lamy, Dr. F281 France 13 M1949
Lanckoronski A018 Austria 8 M1949
Landau, H., Mrs A003 Austria 8 M1949
Landscape painting by M. Cfei Tahina et al. P038 Poland 20 M1949
Landscape painting by Th. Wijck N058 Netherlands 20 M1949
Landschaft Ruin, Gamardi School, Coll. Katz-Dieren N055 Netherlands 20 M1949
Lang, Adolphe F390 France 14 M1949
Lang, Jacques F073 France 12 M1949
Lang, Jacques F091 France 12 M1949
Langlois de, M F282 France 13 M1949
Langweil, F.E., Mme F111c France 17 M1949
Lantivy, de Trediou F391 France 14 M1949
Lantz, Elie F346 France 14 M1949
Lantz, Pierre F269 France 13 M1949
Lattes, Sammy F112c France 17 M1949
Lavan de Blois, Mme F113c France 17 M1949
Lazard, Alphonse F340 France 14 M1949
Lazard, Raymond F297 France 13 M1949
Lecoutre, Georges F114c France 17 M1949
Lefebure, Philippe F337 France 14 M1949
Legrand, Madeleine, Mlle F115c France 17 M1949
Lehmann, Max, Mme Vve F135-136 France 12 M1949
Lehmann, Max, Mrs. F071-F072 France 12 M1949
Lehmann, Mme Vve F161c France 17 M1949
Leonido F368 France 14 M1949
Leven, M F116c France 17 M1949
Levi, S.F. F129 France 12 M1949
Levy de Benzion F247 France 13 M1949
Levy, Albert F050 France 12 M1949
Levy, Armand F015 France 12 M1949
Levy, Arthur F197c France 17 M1949
Levy, Edmond F053 France 12 M1949
Levy, George (Lurcy) F349 France 14 M1949
Levy, Georges (Deporte) F348 France 14 M1949
Levy, Georges, Dr. F117c France 12 M1949
Levy, Henri, Dr. F143 France 12 M1949
Levy, M.D.G. F321 France 13 M1949
Levy, Michel Mme F347 France 14 M1949
Levy, Pierre Simon E011 England 11 M1949
Levy, Pierre, Mme F118c France 17 M1949
Levy, Rene F032 France 12 M1949
Levy, Robert F092 France 12 M1949
Levy, Roger F119c France 17 M1949
Levy, Roger, Mme F120c France 17 M1949
Levy, Simon F121c France 17 M1949
Levy-Cerf F378 France 14 M1949
Levy-Deutsch, Oscar F037 France 12 M1949
Levy-Finger, Tony F379 France 14 M1949
Levy-Oulmann F380 France 14 M1949
Lewis-Mounet-Sully, Mme F381 France 14 M1949
Library of E. Benes C054 Czechoslovakia 11 M1949
Liebermann, Richard F122c France 17 M1949
Liechtenstein, Prince Edouard A009 Austria 8 M1949
Lilienfeld collection A020 Austria 8 M1949
Lindauer F386 France 14 M1949
Lindenbaum, Marcus A041 Austria 9 M1949
Lindon, Alfred F124c France 17 M1949
Lion, Fred US106 United States 23 M1949
Lion, P & A, Mrs. F125c France 17 M1949
Lippe, Victor v.d. N045 Netherlands 20 M1949
Lipski, Joseph P008 Poland 20 M1949
Lipton, Joan US065 United States 22 M1949
Loeb, M F382 France 14 M1949
Loeb, Maurice F069 France 12 M1949
Loeb, Walter N011 Netherlands 19 M1949
Loizillon, Jean F227c France 17 M1949
Longueil, Bernard, Mme F126c France 17 M1949
Lotz, Wolfgang, Dr. GER033 Germany 18 M1949
Louette, Pierre F096 France 12 M1949
Louis-Dreyfus, Mme. F127c France 17 M1949
Lt. T.P. Grance [sic] (Paul Graupe et Cie) E013 England 11 M1949
Lucarelli, Ottavio I009 Italy 18 M1949
Lucas, Harry E023 England 11 M1949
Lugt N012 Netherlands 19 M1949
Lunzer F383 France 14 M1949
Luppe, Marquise de F318 France 13 M1949
Luxembourg, Felix, Prince I020 Italy 18 M1949
Luzzotto-Pollitzer, Andrea I016 Italy 18 M1949
Lyon, Othon F039 France 12 M1949
Lyon, Victor F320 France 13 M1949
Mabille de Poncheville F397 France 14 M1949
Mac Avoy, W. Xavier F133c France 17 M1949
Macaire, Mme Vve F319 France 13 M1949
Maison de Musique, S. Wolff F125 France 12 M1949
Maison Doucet F295 France 13 M1949
Majer, Alfred, Dr. A044 Austria 9 M1949
Mandel, Georges F317 France 13 M1949
Mandiargues, de, M F128c France 17 M1949
Mannheimer, Jane, Mrs. F132c France 17 M1949
Manzel, Jean B005 Belgium 10 M1949
Marie Matousova C023 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
Marion, Julie F118 France 12 M1949
Marseilles, Comite de Vieux Marseilles F130c France 17 M1949
Martelliere, Charles F218c France 17 M1949
Martin, Fernand F234 France 13 M1949
Martin, Jacques F384 France 14 M1949
Marx, Claude Roger F131c France 17 M1949
Marx, Hugo US031 United States 22 M1949
Matignon Art Galleries US033 United States 22 M1949
Matsch, Franz, Dr. A004 Austria 8 M1949
Matteucci I002 Italy 18 M1949
Mauduit, Oliver de F100 France 12 M1949
Maurois, Andre F134c France 17 M1949
Mauterndorf A088 Austria 9 M1949
Mautner, Carl, Capt. US036 United States 22 M1949
Mayer, Charles, Dr F135c France 17 M1949
Mayer, Michel F275 France 13 M1949
Medallion in possession of Hermann Goering A042 Austria 9 M1949
Mele, Enrico I011 Italy 18 M1949
Mellon, Jacques F136c France 17 M1949
Menasce, Baron de F261 France 13 M1949
Mendel, Jacques F093 France 12 M1949
Mendl, Lady F309 France 13 M1949
Merzbach F393 France 14 M1949
Meteorological Archives L002 Luxembourg 19 M1949
Metzgar, Oscar F170c France 14 M1949
Metzger, Armand F115 France 12 M1949
Meyer, Andre F276 France 13 M1949
Meyer, Georges F138c France 17 M1949
Meyer, O. F124 France 12 M1949
Meyer, Raoul F139c France 17 M1949
Meyer, Roger F278 France 13 M1949
Meyer-Heine, H F137c France 17 M1949
Michelson, A., Prof F140c France 17 M1949
Milhac F394 France 14 M1949
Millot, M F141c France 17 M1949
Minck, Lucien F070 France 12 M1949
Ministere de la Guerre F186c France 17 M1949
Ministere de la Guerre F178c - F183c France 17 M1949
Ministere de la Guerre F196c France 17 M1949
Ministere de la Guerre F188c - F189c France 17 M1949
Ministere de la Guerre F165c- F166c France 17 M1949
Ministere des Beaux Arts - Paris (furniture with Gobelin covering) F022a France 14 M1949
Ministere des Beaux Arts, Paris ("ancient" furniture, sculpture, carpet, timepiece and oil paintings) F224a France 15 M1949
Ministere des Beaux Arts, Paris (stamp collection) F023a France 14 M1949
Ministere des Beaux-Arts, Paris F149 France 12 M1949
Ministere des Beaux-Arts, Paris F002a France 14 M1949
Ministere Education Nationale, Paris F112 France 12 M1949
Ministry for the Italian Africa I033 Italy 19 M1949
Ministry of National Defense - Military Historical Institute C019 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
Ministry of Welfare, Prague C014 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
Mission for Restitution to France F075a France 14 M1949
Mobilier National F130 France 12 M1949
Mogmar Art Foundation & Otto Kahn US034 United States 22 M1949
Moise, Camille F090 France 12 M1949
Moleux F142 c France 17 M1949
Monoco, Prince of F419 France 14 M1949
Monte Cassino I036 Italy 19 M1949
Monteux, Marcel F237 France 13 M1949
Montrichard, de, Comte P. F174c France 17 M1949
Morandell, Peter Paul A035 Austria 9 M1949
Morelli, Anna A016 Austria 8 M1949
Moro de Giafferi F395 France 14 M1949
Mouchy, duc de F143c France 17 M1949
Moult, le, Eugene F034 France 12 M1949
Moussaye, Comte de la F144c France 17 M1949
Muel, Camille F095 France 12 M1949
Muhlstein, Mme F312 France 13 M1949
Muller, Jean F227 France 13 M1949
Muller, Paul, Dr. F146c France 17 M1949
Municipal Library Metz F208c France 17 M1949
Musée de la Marine, Paris F129c France 17 M1949
Musée de l'Air F213c France 17 M1949
Musee de l'Armee (Les Invalides) F147c France 17 M1949
Musée de l'Armee, Paris F106 France 12 M1949
Musée de Malmaison F265 France 13 M1949
Musée de Mulhouse F264 France 13 M1949
Musee de Nemours F150c France 17 M1949
Musee d'Isle de France (Cap Ferrat-St-Jean) F344 France 14 M1949
Museu St. Die F245 France 13 M1949
Museum for the History of Arts, Vienna A072 Austria 9 M1949
Music collection A084 Austria 9 M1949
Nahm, Albert US095 United States 23 M1949
Nantes (city) F226 France 13 M1949
National Administration of the Values and Properties previously in charge of the Property Office and the Migration Fund, Prague C018 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
National Administration of the Values and Properties previously in charge of the Property Office and the Migration Fund, Prague C007 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
National Administration of the Values and Properties previously in charge of the Property Office and the Migration Fund, Prague ("Mater Dolorosa") C005 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
National Gallery, Berlin GER032 Germany 18 M1949
National Library, Prague (books) C027 Czechoslovakia 10 M1949
National Museum, Cracow P002 Poland 20 M1949
Netherlands Libraries N010 Netherlands 19 M1949
Netherlands Mission for Restitution N069 Netherlands 20 M1949
Neubauer, Albert F165 France 12 M1949
Neuerburg, Gottfried GE027? Germany 18 M1949
Neu-Halle, Bessy S003 Switzerland 22 M1949
Neuman, Baron Charles US061 United States 22 M1949
Neumann, Baroness A019 Austria 8 M1949
Neymann, Rene F055 France 12 M1949
Nicolas, Emile F230c France 17 M1949
Nicolas, Emile F210c France 17 M1949
Nogal F396 France 14 M1949
Norwegian Freemasons NOR5 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Government (extensive inventory of paintings) NOR6 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Mission for Restitution to Norway (paintings from the collections of Dr. Rastad, the National Gallery of Norway, etal). NOR1 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Restitution Mission NOR8 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Restitution Mission NOR11 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Restitution Mission NOR10 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Restitution Mission NOR9 Norway 20 M1949
Norwegian Restitution Mission NOR7 Norway 20 M1949