Military Records

Filing Manuals

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These manuals outline the filing classification systems used by staff in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and various departments and agencies of the federal government.

Allied Commission (Italy)

The Allied Commission Archives Branch used a three-digit numerical system to classify records. Five-digit indicator numbers denote Headquarters, regional, provincial, and American Military Government (AMG) subseries, followed by three-digit subindicators that correspond to subordinate organizational levels by subject, and then serial numbers in sequential order.


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Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard produced these filing manuals as guidance on classifying files by subject. The 1936 manual uses a decimal classification scheme; the 1950 manual uses an alpha-numeric classification scheme.

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Department of Defense, European Command, Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.)

Department of the Interior

Federal Works Agency

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Marine Corps

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National Archives and Records Administration


Navy Filing Manuals

Navy-Marine Corps Standard Subject Classification System

Navy Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSICs)

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State Department

Central File for State Department Records (Record Group 59)

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Foreign Service Post Files (Record Group 84)

U.S. Embassies, U.S. Legations, and U.S. Consulates

U.S. Information Service (USIS) Files

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Agency for International Development (Record Group 286)

U.S. Information Agency (Record Group 306)

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War Department

War Department Decimal File System

The United States War Department produced multiple editions of the War Department Decimal File System, beginning in January 1914. The department used the system to classify correspondence, decimal files, and other records.

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