Military Records

Brown Water Vessels to be Scanned as Part of the Vietnam War Deck Log Digitization Pilot Project

The Mobile Riverine Force Association (MRFA) identifies some 50 vessels that served in Vietnamese "brown waters," but unfortunately it does not identify the specific dates of their deployments. The vessels listed below as River Patrol Support or Mobile Riverine Base ships primarily come from the MRFA website. Specific dates to be scanned will be determined during the scanning process. Note that some of the vessels identified by MRFA as having served in brown waters were "in service" (i.e., not commissioned) and therefore there are no deck logs for them.

River Patrol Support Ships, 1966

  • Belle Grove (LSD-2)
  • Caddo Parish (LST-515)
  • Comstock (LSD-19)
  • Floyd County (LST-762)
  • Jennings County (LST-846)
  • Tortuga (LSD-26)

River Patrol Support Ships, 1967-1968

  • Caddo Parish (LST-515) (through November 1969)
  • Garrett County (LST-768)
  • Harnett County (LST-821)
  • Hunterdon County (LST-838)
  • Jennings County (LST-846)

Mobile Riverine Base Ships, 1967-1968

  • Askari (ARL-30)
  • Benewah (APB-35)
  • Caroline County (LST-525)
  • Cohoes (AN-78)
  • Colleton (APB-36)
  • Indra (ARL-37)
  • Kemper County (LST-854)
  • Mercer (APB-39)
  • Nueces (APB-40)
  • Satyr (ARL-23)
  • Sedgwick County (LST-1123)
  • Vernon County (LST-1161)
  • Washtenaw County (LST-1166)
  • Whitfield County (LST-1169)
  • Windham County (LST-1170)
  • APL-26 ("in service" vessel - no deck logs to scan)
  • YRBM-17 ("in service" vessel - no deck logs to scan)
  • YTB-84 ("in service" vessel - no deck logs to scan)
  • YTB-85 ("in service" vessel - no deck logs to scan)


  • O'Brien (DD-725) (Damaged by enemy gunfire, December 1966)
  • Snohomish County (LST-1126) (Deployed numerous times between 1965 and 1970)