Military Records

Marine Corps Muster Rolls

Muster Rolls are quarterly or monthly reports of personnel attached to a particular unit or station.  US Marine Corps Muster Rolls are located in Record Group 127: Records of the U.S. Marine Corps.

What do Muster Rolls contain?

Muster rolls typically contain the surname, given name, and middle initial of each individual, and may also contain an individual’s rank, service number, and enlistment date.

Marine Corps Muster Rolls contain lists of both officers and enlisted personnel, with officers listed first, and include notes on personnel movement and changes. 

What Muster Roll Records does NARA have?

The National Archives holds the muster rolls for United States Marine Corps units up to 1980.

How to Access Muster Rolls

The Marine Corps muster rolls are on microfilm. The 1798-1958 Marine Corps Muster Rolls, which were on microfilm and are arranged monthly, have now been digitized and are available online through a partnership with These rolls can be viewed via Ancestry and are searchable by name. 

 The 1959 to 1980 Marine Corps Muster Rolls are still only available on microfilm. Beginning in 1947, these rolls are arranged by a unique code and reel number for each unit or station that can be obtained by contacting us at Each code is divided into one year increments, with each code typically fitting on one reel of microfilm. Muster Rolls for 1959-1970 can be viewed on site, or reproduced for $125 a reel. For further information on obtaining access to these rolls, please email us at

Muster rolls/Personnel Diaries from 1971 onward utilize social security numbers as service numbers and are subject to privacy restrictions. Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries subject to privacy restrictions must be requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Please email our Special Access/FOIA Office at to request post-1970 muster rolls.