Military Records

Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs)

What's in these records?

Typically a MACR gives some or all of the following kinds of information about each crew member:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Service number
  • Crew position
  • name and address of next of kin

The report also usually indicates the following:

  • Army Air Forces organization to which the aircraft was assigned
  • Place of departure and destination of the flight plan
  • Weather conditions and visibility at the time of loss
  • Cause of crash
  • Type, model, and serial number of the aircraft and its engines
  • Kinds of weapons installed and their serial numbers

Some case files include the names of persons with some knowledge of the aircraft's last flight. In some cases these are rescued or returned crew members. Most reports do not contain all of the above information, especially those prepared in 1943 and in 1947.

Ordering Copies

Do you know the MACR number?


You already have enough information to order a copy.

  • Go to the online Microfilm Catalog.
  • Search for M1380.
  • Select the microfiche that contains your MACR number(s).
    • (You can also view the M1380 descriptive pamphlet
      to find the microfiche that contains your MACR number.)
  • Place your order.


We may be able to find the number for you.

  • Give us as much information as you have. Most important is:
    • Date of loss of the aircraft
    • Tail number of lost aircraft
    • Personal name of the crew member
  • Send your request with the above information to

For more information on researching and accessing MACRs, please see: