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Rosters of Indian Affairs Employees

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Irrigation Service employees, Flathead Irrigation Project.

(National Archives Identifier 293353)

Rosters of Indian Affairs employees list individuals who worked for the Department of the Interior assisting in the administration of reservations and agencies. The information collected in the rosters varies by office location, but can include name, gender, age, race, marital status, position, previous occupation, birthplace, residence, place of employment, dates of service, and salary.

Rosters of Indian Affairs employees are available at many National Archives facilities. Search our National Archives Catalog using the phrase "roster of employees" to locate relevant records. Take note of the federal agency that created the records and which National Archives office maintains the records. Using the Advanced Search, you can restrict your results to a single Federal agency, record group, or archival facility. To limit your search to Bureau of Indian records, input "75" into the record group field.

Examples of records available at the National Archives in Washington, DC

These records were maintained by the Headquarters of the Department of the Interior. The Employees Section of the Bureau, known as the Appointments Section until 1911, had charge of matters relating solely to field employees of the Bureau. Contact us with questions related to these materials.

Examples of records available at National Archives Field Offices

These records were created and maintained by individual agencies and reservations under the Department of the Interior.

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