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Viewing American Indian Treaties

The original treaties between the United States and American Indian tribal nations are housed at the National Archives in Washington, DC, as the series, "Indian Treaties, 1722–1869" (National Archives Identifier 299798). The National Archives Catalog includes digitized images of selected American Indian treaties. See American Indian Treaties: Catalog Links.

"Ratified Indian Treaties, 1722–1869" is available as NARA microfilm publication M668 (Record Group 11). offers digital images of this publication.

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  • "Documents Relating to the Negotiation of Ratified and Unratified Treaties with Various Indian Tribes, 1801–1869," are available on NARA microfilm publication T494. The documents include journals of treaty commissioners, proceedings of councils, reports, and other records relating to the negotiation of both ratified and unratified Indian treaties. For more information, please see American Indian Treaties: Supporting Documentation.
  • "Indian Treaties at the Museum of the American Indian" provides information on original treaties on display in Washington, DC, and includes digital images.

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