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Alphabetical List of Record Groups

Alphabetical List of Record Groups

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Adjutant General's Office, 1917- RG 407
Aeronautics and Space Administration, National RG 255
Agricultural Economics, Bureau of RG 83
Agricultural Engineering, Bureau of RG 8
Agricultural Marketing Service RG 136
Agricultural Research Service RG 310
Agriculture, Office of the Secretary of RG 16
Alien Property, Office of RG 131
American Revolution Bicentennial Administration RG 452
Army Air Forces RG 18
Army Coast Artillery Districts and Defenses, 1901-1942, U.S. RG 392
Army Commands, 1942-, U.S. RG 338
Army Continental Commands, 1821-1920, U.S. RG 393
Army Staff RG 319
Atomic Energy Commission RG 326
Attorneys, United States RG 118
Aviation Administration, Federal RG 237


Bicentennial Administration, American Revolution RG 452
Buildings Service, Public RG 121
Bureau of Agricultural Economics RG 83
Bureau of Agricultural Engineering RG 8
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine RG 7
Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation RG 41
Bureau of Indian Affairs RG 75
Bureau of Land Management RG 49
Bureau of Prisons RG 129
Bureau of Public Roads RG 30


Capital Issues Committee RG 158
Chemical Warfare Service RG 175
Chief of Engineers, Office of the RG 77
Chief of Ordnance , Office of the RG 156
Chief of Transportation, Office of the RG 336
Chief Signal Officer RG 111
Civil Service Commission, U.S. RG 146
Civilian Defense, Office of RG 171
Coast and Geodetic Survey RG 23
Coast Guard, U.S. RG 26
Committee on Fair Employment Practice RG 228
Communications Commission, Federal RG 173
Community Services Administration RG 381
Comptroller of the Currency RG 101
Cooperative State Research Service RG 164
Courts of Appeals, U.S. RG276
Courts of the United States, District RG 21
Customs Service, U.S. RG 36


Defense Transportation, Office of RG 219
Department of Energy RG 434
Department of Housing and Urban Development RG 207
Department of Labor RG 174
Department of the Interior RG 48
Department of the Treasury RG 56
Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal RG 34
District Courts of the United States RG 21
Donated Materials Groups


Education, Office of RG 12
Employment and Training Administration RG 369
Energy, Department of RG 434
Engineers, Office of the Chief of RG 77
Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Bureau of RG 7
Environmental Protection Agency RG 412


Fair Employment Practice, Committee on RG 228
Farm Credit Administration RG 103
Farmers Home Administration RG 96
Federal Aviation Administration RG 237
Federal Communications Commission RG 173
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation RG 34
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission RG 138
Federal Highway Administration RG 406
Federal Property Resources Service RG 291
Federal Supply Service RG 137
Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. RG 22
Food Administration, U.S. RG 4
Foreign Assets Control, Office of RG 265
Forest Service RG 95
Fuel Administration, U.S. RG 67


General Accounting Office RG 411
General Services Administration RG 269
Geological Survey, U.S. RG 57
Government of American Samoa RG 284


Health Service, Public, 1912-1968 RG 90
Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service RG 368
Housing Administration, Public RG 196
Housing and Urban Development, Department of RG 207
Housing Expediter, Office of the RG 252


Immigration and Naturalization Service RG 85
Indian Affairs, Bureau of RG 75
Indian Health Service RG 513
Interagency Committees and Councils Coordinating Water Use Programs RG 315
Interior, Department of the RG 48
Internal Revenue Service RG 58

J, K, L

Labor, Department of RG 174
Labor Relations Board, National RG 25
Land Management, Bureau of RG 49


Marine Inspection and Navigation, Bureau of RG 41
Marine Corps, U.S. RG 127
Maritime Administration RG 357
Maritime Commission, U.S. RG 178
Marshals Service, United States RG 527
Mines, U.S Bureau of RG 70
Mint, U.S. RG 104


National Aeronautics and Space Administration RG 255
National Labor Relations Board RG 25
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration RG 370
National Park Service RG 79
National Recovery Administration RG 9
National Resources Planning Board RG 187
National War Labor Board (World War II) RG 202
National Youth Administration RG 119
Natural Resources Conservation Service RG 114
Naval Districts and Shore Establishments RG 181
Naval Operating Forces RG 313


Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National RG 370
Office of Alien Property RG 131
Office of Civilian Defense RG 171
Office of Defense Transportation RG 219
Office of Education RG 12
Office of Foreign Assets Control RG 265
Office of Price Administration RG 188
Office of Price Stabilization RG 295
Office of Territories RG 126
Office of the Chief of Engineers RG 77
Office of the Chief of Ordnance RG 156
Office of the Chief of Transportation RG 336
Office of the Chief Signal Officer RG 111
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency RG 101
Office of the Housing Expediter RG 252
Office of the Quartermaster General RG 92
Office of the Secretary of Agriculture RG 16
Office of the Surgeon General (Army) RG 112


Park Service, National RG 79
Post Office Department RG 28
Price Administration, Office of RG 188
Price Stabilization, Office of RG 295
Prisons, Bureau of RG 129
Public Housing Administration RG 196
Public Buildings Service RG 121
Public Health Service, 1912-1968 RG 90
Public Roads, Bureau of RG 30


Quartermaster General, Office of the RG 92


Reconstruction Finance Corporation RG 234
Recovery Administration, National RG 9
Resources Planning Board, National RG 187
Roads, Bureau of Public RG 30


Samoa, Government of American RG 284
Scientific Research and Development, Office of RG 227
Secretary of Agriculture, Office of the RG 16
Selective Service System, 1940- RG 147
Selective Service System (World War I) RG 163
Shipping Board, U.S. RG 32
Soil Conservation Service (see Natural Resources Conservation Service, RG 114)
Surgeon General (Army), Office of the RG 112


Territories, Office of RG 126
Treasury, Department of the RG 56


United States Attorneys RG 118
United States Marshals Service RG 527
U.S. Army Coast Artillery Districts and Defenses, 1901-1942 RG 392
U.S. Army Commands, 1942- RG 338
U.S. Army Continental Commands, 1821-1920 RG 393
U.S Bureau of Mines RG 70
U.S Civil Service Commission RG 146
U S. Coast Guard RG 26
U.S. Courts of Appeals RG276
U.S. Customs Service RG 36
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service RG 22
U.S. Food Administration RG 4
U.S. Fuel Administration RG 67
U.S. Geological Survey RG 57
U.S. Marine Corps RG 127
U.S. Maritime Commission RG 178
U.S. Mint RG 104
U.S. Shipping Board RG 32

V, W, X, Y and Z

Veterans Administration RG 15

Wage and Hour Division RG 155
Wage and Salary Stabilization Boards of the Economic Stabilization Agency RG 293
War Assets Administration RG 270
War Labor Board (World War II), National RG 202
War Manpower Commission RG 211
Weather Bureau RG 27
Work Projects Administration RG 69

Youth Administration, National RG 119