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FAIR Act Report

We are required by the Federal Activities Inventory Review (FAIR) Act to make this list available to the public. This report lists the commercial and inherently governmental functions that are currently being performed by NARA employees.

Under Section 3 of the FAIR Act, our decision to include or exclude a particular activity from the Commercial Activities Inventory is subject to an appeal by an "interested party." Section 3(b) of the FAIR Act defines "interested party" as:

  1. A private sector source is:
    1. An actual or prospective offerer for any contract or other form of agreement to perform the activity; and
    2. Has a direct economic interest in performing the activity that would be adversely affected by a determination not to procure the performance of the activity from a private sector source.
  2. A representative of any business or professional association that includes within its membership private sector sources referred to in A. above.
  3. An officer or employee of an organization within an executive agency is an actual or prospective offerer to perform the activity.
  4. The head of any labor organization referred to in section 7103(a)(4) of title 5, United States Code that includes within its membership officers or employees of an organization referred to in C. above.

We will make a decision on your challenge and notify you in writing within 28 working days after receiving the challenge. The notification will include a discussion of the rationale for the decision and, if the decision is adverse, an explanation of your right to file an appeal.

Please email your challenges or questions to: kimberly.richardson@nara.gov.

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