Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

IBR Checklist for Final Rules

Download section XIV, Release 1-2022.

  • ☐ Assemble your IBR approval request package, including:
    • ✔ A signed IBR approval request letter (including the CFR titles and ALL affected CFR sections, including any centralized IBR sections) that presents any existing IBR material going into new sections as new requests and acknowledges currently IBRed material included in the regulatory text;
    • ✔ Complete copies of all standards being requested for IBR—including title pages, cover sheets, transmittal letters, and other front matter; and
    • ✔ The MS Word file with the complete DRAFT of the final rule and the MS Word file of the request letter (unless providing a signed MS Word file).
  • ☐ Transmit the package electronically at least 20 working days before you want to send the final rule for publication.
  • ☐ Email to report that the request package has been uploaded.