Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Letter Requesting IBR Approval from the Director (Template 1)

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Instructions: The following numbers correspond to marked locations within the template and contain alternative language and reminders.

1. If sending a signed pdf, add “, as well as an MS Word file of this letter”.

2. Include the centralized IBR section. If the final rule amends more than one centralized IBR section, include all centralized sections and add “, as applicable,” before “and as follows:”.

3. If the final rule does not amend a centralized IBR section, replace this last sentence with “The IBR material will be referenced as follows:”.

4. Include full publisher contact information for any new publisher or when updating the information in the rule.

5.Remember, even if the standard’s designation contains a partial date, for example ASTM F1234-12, this is not the same as the date of the document. You must include the date in addition to the designation.

6. Include the full citation of each location in every section where the material will be referenced. Include all subordinate paragraph levels; for example, § 63.1234(c)(1)(ii)(B).

7. Include this sentence if the same version of any standards you want to use are currently approved for IBR. If all standards IBRed into centralized IBR section, just list that section. If standards IBRed into different sections, list sections in order of listed standards and add “, respectively”.

8. Include this sentence if any existing standards appear in the regulatory text of the draft final rule.

9. Always answer the first question regarding the proposed rule. If the answer is “yes”, continue with the questions. If the answer is “no”, delete the remaining questions from the letter.



December 25, 20xx

[Insert full name of DIRECTOR], Director

Office of the Federal Register (F)
The National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Dear Director [insert last name of DIRECTOR]:

In accordance with 1 CFR part 51, we request that you approve the incorporation by reference of the material listed below into Title(s) XX of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  We have included the IBR material and draft final rule1. The IBR material will be referenced in § yy.zz2 and as follows3:  


(For each standard) DESGINATION5, TITLE, VERSION (if any), DATE, AUTHOR (if applicable); IBR § or §§ xx.xx(y)(#)…6


We are not including [LIST DESIGNATION(S)] because it is/they are already approved for IBR in § [LIST CFR SECTION].7

The following standard(s) is/are currently approved for the sections in which they appear in the draft rule and we are not requesting any changes: [LIST DESIGNATIONS].8

9Was there a proposed rule published for this rulemaking? yes/no – if yes, include FR citation and FR doc # ____________________

Did the proposed rule contain regulatory text? yes/no

Does the IBR in this draft rule generally match* the proposed rule? yes/no

*if the publications are the same or are different versions of the publications in the proposed rule, then the draft rule generally matches.

[if no, briefly explain the difference, e.g. added/removed publication(s); no IBR in proposed rule; etc.]

Please contact [INSERT NAME] of my staff at [TELEPHONE NUMBER] or by email at [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS] if you have any questions.




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