Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)

About ISOO Programs and Groups

Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP)

The ISOO Director also acts as executive secretary for the ISCAP, which was created through Executive Order 12958, as amended. The ISCAP acts as an appellate authority for:

  • classification challenges; and
  • mandatory declassification requests.

Further, the ISCAP approves, denies or amends agency exemptions from automatic declassification. ISCAP decisions are critical to the implementation of the Order, because its decisions will ultimately establish the cutting edge between what information is declassified and what information remains classified.

National Industrial Security Program (NISP)

Executive Order 12829, as amended, created a Government and industry wide program with a goal of achieving cost savings while protecting classified information held by contractors, licensees, and grantees of the United States Government. ISOO is required to exercise policy oversight on behalf of the National Security Council and ISOO's responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the NISP and overseeing agency, contractor, licensee, and grantee actions to ensure compliance with the Order;
  • reviewing implementing regulations for the NISP;
  • conducting on-site reviews of the at each participating agency, contractor, licensee, and grantee that has access to or stores classified information; and
  • reporting annually to the President on the status of the NISP.

National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC)

Established by Executive Order 12829, as amended, the NISPPAC advises the ISOO Director, who serves as the Chair, on all matters and policies related to the National Industrial Security Program and represents a true partnership between Government and industry. The NISPPAC also serves as a forum for discussing policy issues in dispute.

State, Local, Tribal, and Private Sector Policy Advisory Committee (SLTPS-PAC)

Chaired by the Director of ISOO, the SLTPS-PAC chartered December 15, 2010 serves as a forum to discuss SLTPS Program-related policy issues in dispute in order to facilitate their resolution, to otherwise recommend changes to policies and procedures in order to remove undue impediments to the sharing of information under the Program.