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President Lyndon B. Johnson's Address to a Joint Session of Congress, November 27, 1963

Shortly after President Kennedy’s assassination, President Lyndon B. Johnson addressed a joint session of Congress and urged them to pass the Civil Rights legislation to honor Kennedy’s memory. He said, memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy's memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights bill for which he fought so long. We have talked long enough in this country about equal rights. We have talked for one hundred years or more. It is time now to write the next chapter, and to write it in the books of law.
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President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress Regarding President John F. Kennedy's Assassination, Civil Rights Legislation, and Other Topics, November 27, 1963; Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, Record Group 233.

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