National Historical Publications & Records Commission

ARCScholar: A Digital Publishing Cooperative

Hosted by Texas A&M University, the ARCScholar cooperative is a collaboration of five digital publishers and seven electronic digital scholarly editions. Participants include Romantic Circles, the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC), TextLab, and Just Teach One of the American Antiquarian Society. Representatives from seven digital projects are involved: the collected works of Canadian poet P.K. Page; the collected letters of Robert Southey; the writings of Herman Melville; the Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballads; the digital Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne; and a repository for the study of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle.

Administered by the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC), the ARCScholar Digital Publishing Cooperative will determine how best to share tools; to provide interoperability between different platforms in the digital publishing ecosystem; and to submit editions to libraries for archiving, and maximize their findability. During the planning period, the project team will draft governance procedures, conduct site visits to participating edition projects and publishers, and identify the costs, technical requirements, and terms of agreement for implementing the cooperative.

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