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Scholarship in 3D Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative

One of the more recent developments in the digital humanities is use of 3D modeling for research in archaeology, history, and architecture. Participants in the Scholarship in 3D Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative all use modeling and visualization software to construct virtual, three-dimensional facsimiles of ancient ruins and other spatial environments. Composed of faculty from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Hamilton College in New York, and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, the project team would harness the expertise of university presses, digital humanities centers, and professional organizations, as it strategizes to provide new forms of academic publishing with respect to digital scholarship. 

Members of the 3D Cooperative planning team are reimagining the online publishing of digital editions, integrating 3D with traditional narrative and multimedia, while creating and disseminating academic publishing editions that showcase rich annotation and deep explanation integrated with interactive 3D content. A core question for this project is: to what extent might scholarly 3D content be realizable as a digital edition.

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