Federal Records Management

Examples Developed for Agencies

Code Title Description Date
G.002 Records Management Fundamentals for USDA This module was developed for several agencies to meet the annual training requirements outlined in NARA Bulletin 2017-01. This version was customized for the Department of Agriculture.  Please email rmt1@nara.gov to discuss creating a version customized for your agency. 8/26/2019
G.005 Federal Records Management and Your National Archives This module provides an overview of how NARA works with Federal agencies to identify, store, protect, and provide access to government information.  8/26/2019
G.006 FRON
(Federal Records Officer Network)
RM 101
This records management training was developed for the Federal Records Officer Network in 2015 to meet general records management training for employees in Federal agencies.  TBD
G.007 Defense Media Activity (DMA) Records Management Training This records management training was developed for the DMA  to meet the learning needs of their employees and records management staff. 8/26/2019