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Black History Guide: Additional Resources

The following is a list of articles, finding aids, and other resources that have been compiled in the past relating to African Americans records at the National Archives, as well as a list of other databases and resources not associated with the National Archives or the Federal Government.




Special Issue of Prologue Magazine regarding the use of federal records in African American historical research - Vol. 29, No. 2 (Summer 1997)

Refer to CaptionBlack Youths Play Basketball at Stateway Gardens Highrise Housing Project, 1973National Archives Identifier 556162

Reference Information Papers

Reference Reports

Refer to CaptionAgreement for Labor of Truss B. Hall, 8/28/1865 National Archives Identifier 595055
  • This report refers to records relating to the Freedman’s Bank (RG 101), which served formerly enslaved peoples and their families as a banking and investment institution.
  • This report refers specifically to Freedmen’s Bank records relating to residents in the District of Columbia.
  • This report refers to microfilm of the administrative records in the Freedmen’s Bureau (RG 105) including annual reports of the Bureau, activities of the Bureau in different states, schools, education, and marriage.
  • This report refers to microfilmed and textual records from the Adjutant General’s Office (RG 94) that contain information on military service (including joining and muster information) and pension records for the USCT.
  • The report refers to Census records (RG 29) that listed staff and patients living at the Freedmen’s Hospital from 1870-1940, which would eventually become Howard University Hospital in 1975.
Refer to CaptionKeep Us Flying! Buy War Bonds National Archives Identifier 514823
  • This report refers to microfilmed records from the Department of the Mississippi (RG 105) – an organizational precursor to the Freedmen’s Bureau, which helped refugees and contrabands during the Civil War, and also provided food, medical attention, shelters, and issued marriage licenses.
  • This report refers to micorfilmed records on pension files, registers of enlistments, commissions, cavalry and
  • infantry, courts martial, and medals of honor that include information about the Buffalo Soldiers. The records are culled from various sources, including: Department of Veterans Affairs (RG 15), Adjutant General’s Office (RG 94), US Regular Army Mobile Units (RG 391), Office of the Judge Advocate General (RG 153), and the Bureau of Naval Personnel (RG 24).
  • 1936-1938

Additional Sources of Information

Refer to Caption Harriet Tubman , Portrait by Robert Savon National Archives Identifier 559120 Item from Collection H: Harmon Foundation Collection, 1922 - 1967

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Refer to CaptionKaiser s Picture as a Talisman. Corporal Fred McIntyre National Archives Identifier 533516

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