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Records of U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II (RG 260)


Property Control and External Assets Branch

The Property Control and External Assets Branch was established by Property Division Memorandum No. 4 of March 22, 1948. The Branch assumed and performed the functions of its predecessors, or the Property Control and the External Assets branches of various divisions of OMGUS and OMGUS's predecessor, the U.S. Group Control Council. The Branch developed and executed policies and procedures for taking control, holding, and administering all types of tangible property in the U.S. zone of occupied Germany and in the U.S. Sector of Berlin-- property that OMGUS had ordered taken into custody. The Branch also assisted in the work of formulating policies and establishing procedures for the disposition of the properties under control and provided general supervision over the administration of the internal restitution program for the return of identifiable property confiscated from victims of Nazi persecution. Regarding external assets, the Branch conducted all investigations within the U.S. zone and the U.S. Sector, Berlin, to develop evidence of German ownership of property outside of Germany. Through its U.S. Census Section, the Branch conducted a census of German external assets and obligations in the U.S. zone and the U.S. Sector, Berlin, and prepared and distributed to government agencies throughout the world the results of the census. Further, the Branch made recommendations to the Department of State and its foreign missions and the Inter-Allied Reparations Agency concerning policies and procedures affecting German external assets.

On July 1, 1949, OMGUS property control offices were completely liquidated. Certain residual property control duties were transferred to a Central German Property Control Coordinating Committee composed of four Land civilian agency offices. Other property control functions, which could not be transferred to the Committee, were made the responsibility of the Military Governor’s Economic Adviser.

Records of the Branch Chief, 1944–1950 (A1, Entry 413)
Boxes 1–33

Box Selected File Title
1 Authorities, Property Control
Authority for Release, Release and Receipts: Netherlands
2 Agencies of German Government with Possible Records on External
  Allied Property
  Analysis of Properties Under Control
  Axis Victims League
3 Banking Procedures
  Blocking Control Procedures
4 Bonds Held for Safekeeping
  Claims Against German Reich and NSDAP [Nazi Party]
  Collection of Rent (Duress)
  Classification of Property
  Dachau Concentration Camp
5 Czechoslovakian Property
  Canadian-Owned Property
  C.C. Dir. 57: Disposition of Property of Nazi Members
  Decontrolled Properties (1949)
  Decontrol of Property of Certain Citizens and Residents of United Nations and Neutral Countries
6 Decontrol (Current)
  Decontrol: Permanent
  Decontrol: Comments, Analysis
  Decontrolled Properties (1948)
  Deutsche Lufthansa AG Berlin
  Dutch Interest
  Devisentelle (Negative Report)
  The Devisentelle
  Devisenstelle Organization and Functions
  Devisenstelle: Frankfurt
  Devisenstelle: Cologne
  Devisenstelle: Karlsrule
  Devisenstelle: Hamburg
  Devisenstelle: Castle Devisenstelle
7 Devisenstelle: Nurnberg
  Devisenstelle: Munich
  Devisenstelle: Stuttgart
  Devisenstelle: Wien
  Devisenstelle: Reports
  Devisenschutz: Kommando
  Devisenstelle: Berlin
  Duress Properties
  Deceased Persons’ Property
  Dismantling Program: German Sources
  Document Section
8 Decontrol British and French
  Disposition of Valuables
  Disposition of Valuable Personal Property Looted by Nazis
  Deutsche Sieslungsbank Berlin
  Devisenstellen Miscellaneous
  External Assets: Spain
  Enforcement of Military Government Law 52
  Exportkreditbank A.G. Berlin
  External Assets/Properties Reports on Form MGAF-I
9 External Assets: Inventory of German War Material in Neutral Countries
  Miscellaneous External Assets
  Forfeited or Confiscated Property
  Rudolf Erhard, Berlin
  French Property Control Section
  French Property
  Foreign Investment Register and Syndicate for Trade Company
  French Element (Copies of Reports, etc.)
  MCC [Ministerial Collecting Center]
  Film: Reich
10 French Group Control Council
  Freezing of Equipment
  Foreign Exchange Depository
  Generalbaurat of Munich
  Gebistsfuehrerschule Solitude
  Glossary of German Financial and Administrative Terms
  German Property in Russian Zone
11 General Property Control Authorities
  German External Property Commission
  GEPC: Miscellaneous
  GEPC: PendingAction
  German Insurance Companies
  German Travel in S.A. [South America]
12 Social Insurance in Germany
  Social Insurance Contributions
  Internal Restitution Law (MG Law No. 59)
  Interrogations (Cooperatives)
13 I.G. Farben
  I.G. Farben: Subsidiaries
  Internal Restitution Reports
  Indian Property
  Irgun Oley Merkas Europa
  Inquiries of Attorneys
  Investigation of Properties in Germany Allegedly Owned by American
  Iranian and Persian Government
  Jewish Displaced Persons and Property
  Joint German Committee for Finance
  Kaffee HAG Report
14 Law 52 [Note 39]
  Law 53 [Note 40]
  Law 56
  Law 75
15 Law 52 (Amended)
  Law 59
  Law 75
  Lufthansa Assets
  List of Division Experts [“Devisenexperts”]
  Luftfahrt Bank (and Others in Liquidation)
  List of Files in the Document Section
16 Negotiations with Neutrals
  Nurnberg Defendants
  Property Control 3-E
  Netherlands-Owned Property in the U.S. Zone
  Netherlands Property: Bremen
  Netherlands Property: Bavaria
  Netherlands Property: Württemberg-Baden
  Netherlands Property: Greater Hessen
17 Operating Instructions (Currency Section for Germany)
  Property Control Board Reports of Audits
  Peiser, Werner
  Operation Sparkler
18 Movable Property
  Miscellaneous Property
  Meeting of L.P.C. and G.R.A. Minutes
  Material for Monthly Reports: Internal Restitution Section
  Material for Monthly Reports: Reparations and Restitution Section
  Material for Monthly Reports: External Assets Section
  Material for Monthly Reports: General
  Minutes of HVW Meetings
  Policy Matters
  Material Records
  Ministerial Records Section Reports Rewrites
  Ministerial Records
  Memos by Burgess
  Memos by Cassady Berlin and Germany Property Section
  Memos to Mr. Hartzsch
19 Memos by Mr. Hartzsch
  Norwegian Properties
20 Property Control Committee
  Presumption of Death
  Restitution Reports (Information)
  Policy Correspondence
  Polish File
  Polish Property
  Property Control Funds
  Property of Black-Listed Persons
21 Property Control and External Assets Correspondence A–B
  Property Control and External Assets Correspondence C–F
  Property Control and External Assets Correspondence G–J
  Property Control and External Assets Correspondence K–L
  Property Control and External Assets Correspondence M–N
  Properties of Victims of Nazi Oppression
22 Reparations from Germany in the Form of Capital Industrial Equipment
  Property Control and External Assets Correspondence S–T
  Property Control and External Assets Correspondence U–Z
  Releases and Receipts of Luxembourg Claims
  Releases and Receipts of Danish Claims
  Releases and Receipts of Czech Claims
  Releases and Receipts of Russian Claims
  Releases and Receipts of Norwegian Claims
  Releases and Receipts of Polish Claims
23 Release of Properties Confiscated by Spruchkammern
  Reports: Property Control Meetings
  Report for September, 1949
  Requests for the Release of IG Farben Properties from Property Control
  Restitution Law
  Restitution Law 59, etc.
  Release of Material
  Return of Machinery to France
24 Release of Properties of Class III or IV Offenders
  Release of Property of Nazi Members to Qualified Heirs
  Reichskommissar Fur Die Behandlung Feindlichen Vermogens
  Restitution Law for Berlin
  Reichsbahnzentrale Fur Den Deutschen Reiseverkehr GmBH, Berlin
25 Restitution Law
  Restitution Agencies
  Red Cross
  Release and Receipt for Restitution Claims: General
  Receipts, Jewelry, Cash, etc.
  Reich Social Insurance Agencies
  Standstill Interests: British and American Banks
  Statistics A&A
  United Restitution Office
26 Safehaven Negotiations
  Securities: British, Dutch, Swiss
  Soviet Zone
  SMA [Soviet Military Authority] Orders
  Social Democrat Party of Germany
  Sources to be Exploited and Results of Preliminary Investigations
  Staff Study: Bank der Deutschen Arbeit A.G.
  Standstill Agreements
27 Translations of Reports
  Title XVII Property Control
  Vesting Decrees
  Holding Company of the UFA Concern
  US Property in French Zone
28 Wehrmacht
  War Criminals
  Turkish Property
  Yugoslav Nationality
  Carl Zeiss, Jena
29 Directive No. 50
  NSDAP [Nazi Party] Property, 1945–1949
31 Reich Properties
32 Distribution of Liquid Assets Under C.C. Dir. No. 50 Staff Study
  External Restitution
  Dissolution and Liquidation of Insurance Companies Connected with the German Labor Front
  DAF Property
33 Control Council Law No. 50
  Hungarian Property in U.S. Zone

Property Control Case Files, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 414)
Boxes 34–78

Correspondence and Related Records Pertaining to Property Claims, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 415)
Boxes 79–86

Box #Selected File Title
83 Ford Werke AG

Geographic Index to Control Claims, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 416)
Boxes 1–23

Name Index to Control Claims, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 417)
Boxes 24–54

Name Index to Numbered Property Control Claims, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 418)
Boxes 1–21

Geographic Index to Numbered Property Control Claims, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 419)
Boxes 22–42

Numbered Property Control Claims, 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 420)
Boxes 87–520

External Assets Investigation Section [M1922, Rolls 1-88] Adobe Acrobat PDF

The Section had begun as the “Spot” Investigative Section, Intelligence Branch, Division of Cartels and External Assets, so named to distinguish its type of investigations from those of the several branches whose efforts were directed against pre-determined target concerns. From June 1, 1946 to September 30, 1948, the Section completed 627 investigations, and had, on the latter date, approximately 100 requests. Somewhat more than one-half of the requests were received from the United States foreign missions, though the Office of Political Affairs, with Switzerland, Spain, and Italy accounting for the largest number of cases. The remaining requests were received from the Inter-Allied Reparation Agency (IARA) at Brussels, the British, the French, and various sources in the United States. By October 1948, the Section was the only unit still existing within Germany for the purpose of carrying out the functional responsibilities imposed by the Safehaven Program.

General Records Pertaining to External Assets Investigations, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 421) [M1922, Rolls 1-63] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

This series consists primarily of affidavits, cables, correspondence, financial documents, interrogations, military government forms, memorandums, and reports regarding investigations of German external assets. The investigations pertain to leading German industrial firms such as Robert Bosch GmbH; I.G. Farben; Siemens-Halske AG; Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG; and Otto Wolff Co. Also included are investigations of German banks regarding external assets and investigations of prominent individuals such as members of the Thyssen family and the Wuerttemberg royal family. The records include numerous investigative reports concerning repatriations; Suez Canal stock transactions; Spanish Civil War debts; German claims for assets in Japan; and the Safehaven program, including Swedish and Spanish Safehaven Accords. Also included is a list of securities and assets of German banks deposited in the United States as of November 1939; a report prepared by the Finance Division in 1946 regarding German external assets located in the colonies, mandates, and territories of the French republic and British Empire; and reports and memorandums concerning the Section's dealings with the Soviets through 1948.

Reports and Exhibits Relating to Investigations, 1945–1947 (A1, Entry 422) [M1922, Rolls 63-74] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

This series consists primarily of financial documents, memorandums, cables, correspondence, reports, and other records pertaining to investigative reports contained in the series General Records Pertaining to External Assets Investigations, 1945-1949, described above. Most of the German financial documents, many dating back to the 1920s, were exhibits to reports prepared during the course of the investigations. These reports generally contain statements of the significance of the documents, occasionally providing English translations, and suggestions as to their applicability. Also included are reports on the external assets of Hermann Göring, Safehaven reports concerning Nazi channels for foreign investment, and Safehaven reports concerning German-owned or controlled firms in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Interrogations and Reports Pertaining to German Financial Matters, 1945–1946 (A1, Entry 423) [M1922, Rolls 74-75] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Each interrogation folder contains a listing of the individuals questioned. The series includes correspondence, reports, and copies of interrogations primarily pertaining to the financial status of certain Nazi leaders, including Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, and Walter Funk. Among the people interrogated were Hermann Göring, his wife, his brother, his sister-in-law, his niece, his private secretary, his nurse, certain subordinates in the Air Ministry, several art-looting associates, and members of his staff. Also interrogated were Joachim von Ribbentrop and several other members of the Foreign Office; Walter Funk, Paul Koerner, and other financial leaders of the Reich; SS (Schutzstaffel) members Walter Schellengerg and Karl Wolff; Christa Schroder, Hitler's secretary; Julius Schaub; Margarete Himmler, wife of Heinrich Himmler; and Max Amann, director of Eher Publishing Company, publishers of Mein Kampf. Evaluation reports accompany the interrogations in several instances.

Informational Reports Prepared by the Ministerial Records Section [Note 41], 1945–1946 (A1, Entry 424) [M1922, Rolls 76-81] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Arranged alphanumerically by report number.

This series includes reports with correspondence and copies of financial documents generally pertaining to the identification of external assets by German individuals and companies before and during World War II. These reports were based on original documents of various German financial agencies, including the Foreign Exchange (Devisenstellen), the Ministry of Finance (Reichsfinanzministerium), and the Ministry of Economics (Reichswirtschaft-ministerium). The reports consist generally of photostats of German financial documents, with significant portions occasionally translated into English, and an accompanying synopsis and evaluation of the documents by the Ministerial Records Section. Included at the beginning of the series is a card index arranged alphabetically by name of individual or company investigated, which gives the report number, and in many instances some data concerning the company or individual to which the report refers.

German Intelligence and Investigation Records Pertaining to German External Assets, 1945–1950 (A1, Entry 425) [M1922, Rolls 81-88] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically.

This series consists primarily of cables, correspondence, laws (including ACC Law No. 5) [Note 42], German financial documents [Note 43], lists, legal opinions, memorandums, newspaper clippings, reports, and other records pertaining primarily to intelligence about and investigation of the cloaking of German external assets by German individuals and companies. Included are intelligence and investigative records relating to gold looted by the Nazis, censorship intercepts, and other records relating to violations of declarations as required by Military Government Law 53 and Allied Kommandatura BK/O (46) 337. Also included are records relating to Safehaven activities, including negotiations, agreements, and accords with approximately 30 countries, primarily Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Accounting and Auditing Section

General Records, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 426)
Boxes 656–664

U.S. Census Section

As soon as Military Government Law No. 53 became effective, all persons in Germany, both natural and juridical, owning or controlling any property subject to Military Government Law No. 53 were required to execute and file with the nearest Reichsbank office Form MGAX-(1), declaring therein their assets in, and claims against foreign countries. The executed MGAX-(1) declarations were to be channeled by the various Reichsbank branches into the Reichsbank Frankfurt/Main which became the central German collection point in connection with the MGAX- (1) program in the U.S. Zone. As early as September 1945, the formation of a U.S. Census Section was outlined by John A. Banning, Chief of the External Assets Census Branch of the Division of Investigation of Cartels and External Assets. He proposed that the Section issue instructions requiring that all MGAX-(1) reports be delivered to the Section at its Frankfurt offices; that a program of procedures covering the coding, punching and tabulating by machine records of all such report forms was to be inaugurated (the purpose of which was to accomplish a breakdown as to the type of external assets, currency, location, and ownership); and maintain liaison with the British and French elements of the Office of Military Government for Germany with a view to urge adoption of a similar census program in the other zones. By October 31, 1945, the Section was functioning with Stanley M. Friedman as Chief. The program for tabulating Germany's external assets was submitted to Colonel Bernard Bernstein, the Director of DICEA. The program was promptly approved; the instructions to the Reichsbank were issued; and the forms distributed to the Reichsbanks.

In Early 1946 the Section moved to Berlin, as part of the External Assets Branch, Finance Division, OMGUS. In June 1946 Deputy Section Chief Frank J. Miller became the Chief. On August 1, 1947 Miller became the Deputy Chief of the External Assets Branch, and was succeeded by Jules Wangler.

During nearly three years of operation, the Section accumulated 774,000 MGAX-(1) and 30,800 BKAC-(1) (for the Berlin Sector) reports, in duplicate, as well as an index system containing 1.3 million cards. Subsequently one set of declarations, exclusive of expellee declarations, were sent to the Director of Alien Property Control (Department of Justice) and a full set of declarations (inclusive of expellee declarations) together with the card index was placed in the Bank Deutscher Laender, Frankfurt/Main. The Section was deactivated on 30 September 1948.

General Records of the Section Chief, 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 427)
Boxes 665–679

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
665 APC [Alien Property Custodian]
German Ownership of Austrian Corporations
Assets of Residents of Germany in United States
Berlin Banks
665–666 Berlin Reports
666 Berlin Bank Problems
BKAX (1) German External Assets and Liabilities
667 Thyssen Interrogation External Assets
UFA [Film GmbH]
667–669 Correspondence
670 Deutsche-Suedamerik Bank
670–672 Dresdner Bank and Commerz Bank Reconciliation Lists
672 Enforcement and Investigations
673 Transfer of Custody of IG Garben Properties
674 GEPC: British
GEPC: French
GEPC: Soviet
675 IARA: Brussels
IARA: Liquidations
Munich Reinsurance Co.
676 Portuguese-Spanish Property
677 Procedure for the Report on German Properties in Japan
Operation Paperclip
678 Reference Material
Standstill Interests: British Banks and US Banks
679 Spot Investigation Summaries
Lists of Securities Delivered Under K/O No.3 in Berlin
State Department (Washington)
Tabulations: Summaries
Soviet Zone Tabulations

Hand Tabulations of German External Assets as Disclosed by Declarations Filed in the Soviet Zone of Germany, 1947 (A1, Entry 428)
Boxes 680–687

Financial Records Relating to I.G. Farbenindustrie Aktingesellschaft, 1946 (A1, Entry 429)
Boxes 688–698

Claims Section

General Records, 1947–1949 (A1, Entry 430)
Boxes 699–700

Copies of Letters Sent, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 431)
Boxes 701–706

Records of Meetings, 1948–1949 (A1, Entry 432)
Box 707

Statistical Reports, 1947–1949 (A1, Entry 433)
Box 708

Inspection Reports, 1948–1949 (A1, Entry 434)
Box 709

Reparations and Restitution Branch
Branch Headquarters
General Records

Cables Relating to Reparations and Restitutions, 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 435)
Boxes 1–5

Records Pertaining to Hungarian Restitution Claims, 1946–1951 (A1, Entry 436)
Boxes 6–9

Records Pertaining to Restitution of Hungarian Horses, 1947–1949 (A1, Entry 437)
Box 10

Miscellaneous Publications Relating to Restitution and Reparations, 1947–1948 (A1, Entry 438)
Box 11

Records Relating to Reparations, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 439)
Boxes 12–16

Register of Securities Claimed under Military Government Law 59, 1948–1949 (A1, Entry 440)
Boxes 17–19

Records Related to the Restitution of Precious Metal, 1947–1950 (A1, Entry 441)
Boxes 20–28

Box # Selected File Title
20 Danish Gold
Meritorious Claims (General)
Evaluation Reports
Meritorious Claims (Mr. de Keyserlin)
Internal Restitution
External Restitution
Reparations Plants
21 Silver Securities 1947
Silver & Gold Inventory
Precious Metals
Degussa [Deutsche Gold und Silber Scheideanstalt] Gold & Silver
Commercial Gold & Silver
Precious Metals
22 Procedures: Disposition of Records
Restitutions: General, 1948
STEG Lists
Property Control
Copies of Miscellaneous Releases
Krauss-Maffei Restitution Case
Restitution: Outgoing
Freund/Feigl Restitution Case
Reichsbank U.S. Zone [25256]
Special Investigation [Austrian Mission], 25 May–4 June 1948
Restitution Claim No. 11384-B: Belgium
23 Claim No. 18684-R: Russia (U.S.S.R.)
Latukan Properties
Czech Claims
24 Restitution Policy; Restitution
French Claim 13802-F Bavaria Film-Kunst
(Bendict) Czech Securities
U.S.S.R. Confidential
Russia: Meritorious Claims
Claim No. 18746-R
Miscellaneous Restitution
25 Restitution in Greater Berlin
Restitution Policy
26 List of Reparations
Strategic Commodities (Reparations)
U.S. Ownership (Reparations)
Precious Metal
27 Reparations
Reciprocal Deliveries
Restitution Policy & Action
28 Copies of Semi-Monthly Reports to P.D. & Rep. Rest.
Restitution Shipping Reports for Bremen, 1948; Bavaria 1948; Hesse, 1948; and Württemberg-Baden, 1948
Reparation Shipping Schedule, 1948
Reparation Tonnage Allocation Reports, 1948
Restitution: Statistics, 1948
Schedule Completion: Deliveries
Reparation Plants Allocated Status Reports, 1948
Restitution Claims


Records Related to Completed Russian Restitution Claims, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 442)
Boxes 29–32

Records Related to Rejected Russian Restitution Claims, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 443)
Boxes 33–40

Records Relating to the Italian Mission for Restitution Claims, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 444)
Box 41

Records Filed by the Italian Mission for Restitution, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 445)
Boxes 42–50

Records Relating to the Hungarian Mission for Restitution Claims, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 446)
Boxes 51–52

Records Filed by the Hungarian Mission for Restitution Claims, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 447)
Boxes 53–92

Restitution Claims Initiated by Foreign Missions for Restitution, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 448)
Boxes 93–597

Claims Processing Records, 1949–1951 (A1, Entry 449)
Boxes 598–599

Register of Claims and Releases of Property, 1947–1948 (A1, Entry 450)
Box 600

Sections and Offices
Restitution Liaison Office

Cables and Messages, May 1947–August 1949 (A1, Entry 460)
Box 669

Records Relating to Meritorious Restitution Claims, 1949–1950 (A1, Entry 461)
Box 670

List of Meritorious Restitution Claims, 1949 (A1, Entry 462)
Box 671

Consolidated Restitution Report of Württemberg-Baden, 1949 (A1, Entry 463)
Box 672

Records of the Chief of the Reparations and Restitution Liaison Office, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 464)
Box 673

Meritorious Restitution Claims, 1948–1949 (A1, Entry 465)
Boxes 674–701

Restitution Section

Correspondence and Related Records, January 1946–March 1949 (A1, Entry 466)
Boxes 702–706

Semimonthly Reports, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 467)
Box 707

Monthly Restitution Reports, June 1946–October 1948 (A1, Entry 468)
Box 708

Restitution Shipment Reports, 1948 (A1, Entry 469)
Box 709

Records Relating to the Exploitation of Rohstoff-Handel-Gesellschaft, m.b.H. (“ROGES”), 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 470)
Boxes 710–711

Reports and Related Records Pertaining to Restitution, 1945–1950 (A1, Entry 471)
Boxes 712–719

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
712 Final Report: Reparations and Restitution
Restitutions: Jewish Cultural Property
713 Restitution Claims Report By Countries
Restitution: General (Prior to Autumn 1948)
Meritorious Claims Reports
Restitutions (General): Cultural, 1949
714–719 Information on Various Companies, Including I.G. Farben

Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Section [M1949, Rolls 1–43] Adobe Acrobat PDF

The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Section had its origins in SHAEF. During the occupation of Germany the MFAA Section was first a section of the Restitution Branch of the Economics Division. It would be reorganized many times, including being transferred in March 1948 to the Property Division, along with the Restitution Branch. When the cultural restitution program ended in December 1948, the remaining MFAA functions were transferred to the Cultural Affairs Branch of the Education and Cultural Relations Division, where they remained until the end of OMGUS in September 1949.

General Records of the Section Chief, 1944–1949 (A1, Entry 472) [M1949, Rolls 1–3] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Roll # File Title
1 General Statements: Policy and Procedure: Now Valid
  OMGUS Organization December 1945
  Reports, Surveys, Statistics
  Final Report and Recommendations of the Committee on Disposition of Nazi Documents and Related Materials
  Title 18 MGR
  Central Card File
2 Germany MFA&A
  Restitution: General
  Archives and Libraries
  Microfilming and Photo Duplication
  Enemy Wartime Publications (Requirements) Committee (British)
  Miscellaneous: U.S. Organization
  Library of Congress Mission
  Ministerial Collecting Center, G-2
  Repositories, Targets, etc.
3 Restitution of Various Libraries
  Availability and Status of Resources
  Offenbach Archival Depot
  Jewish Archives and Libraries: General
  Lists, Inventories (General, Covering Large Field)
  Plans: British-U.S. Cooperation: Overall Coverage, etc.: Not Current
  Ministerial Collecting Center Reports
  Directives; Plans, 1944–1945

Records Pertaining to Restitution, 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 473) [M1949, Rolls 4–5] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Roll # File Title
4 Dutch
  Egypt 1 Government
  External Loot
  Germany: General
  Germany: Restitutions
  Great Britain: Miscellaneous
  Italy: Miscellaneous
5 OMG for Hesse: Wiesbaden CCP: Internal Restitution Claims
  Palestine: Miscellaneous
  USSR: General [Russia]
  USSR: Restitution [Russia]
  U.S. Civilians: Not Looted Items
  United States Claims: Suspense File
  United States: Miscellaneous
  Bett, Mr. L. (England)
  Craig, Gordon: Paris, USA
  Graupe, Paul: New York, USA
  Herzog, Wilhelm: Santa Monica, USA
  Huth, Hans: Chicago, USA
  von Unruh, Fritz

Miscellaneous Records, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 474) [M1949, Rolls 5–6] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Roll # File Title
5 German Denazification Laws, Regulations, etc.
  Invaluable Aids: OMGUS: Abbreviations & German-English
  List of States & Counties in U.S. Zone
  Monthly MFA&A Field Report, November 1944
  Monthly MFA&A Report, May and June 1945, G-5, USFET
6 Organization Charts of German Ministries
  Soldiers Guides: I&E MTOUSA
  Vaucher Commission Lists of Art Dealers, 16 July 1945
  Receipts: Munich CCP: Transfer to Wiesbaden

Photographs of Art Works, 1945 (A1, Entry 475) [M1949, Roll 6] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Records Pertaining to Interzonal Restitution Transfers, 1946–1947 (A1, Entry 476) [M1949, Rolls 6–7] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Maps, 1937–1952 (A1, Entry 477) [M1949, Roll 7] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Administrative Maps, 1945 (A1, Entry 478) [M1949, Roll 8] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Cultural Property Claim Applications, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 479) [M1949, Rolls 8–26] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Claims of Cultural Property Removed by German Forces, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 480) [M1949, Rolls 26–29] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Records Pertaining to the Use of Declarations of Property Removed from Areas Occupied by German Forces, 1947–1948 (A1, Entry 481) [M1949, Roll 29] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Photographic History of the Offenbach Archival Depot, 1946 (A1, Entry 482) [M1949, Roll 29] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Photostatic Copies of Book Plates, ca. 1946 (A1, Entry 483) [M1949, Roll 30] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Photostatic Copies of Library Markings, ca. 1946 (A1, Entry 484) [M1949, Roll 30] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Lists of Property Removed From France During the War, 1939–1945 (A1, Entry 485) [M1949, Rolls 31–35] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Records Related to Historic Places and Monuments Damaged by War Action, 1946–1947 (A1, Entry 486) [M1949, Rolls 36–42] Adobe Acrobat PDF

Report of Historical Sites in Frankfurt/Main Damaged by War Action, 1946–1947 (A1, Entry 487) [M1949, Roll 43] Adobe Acrobat PDF