Holocaust-Era Assets

Military Agency Records RG 260

Theaters of Operations

Records of U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II (RG 260)

Office of the Finance Adviser and the Finance Division

Records Regarding Financial Policy and Advising
Correspondence and Related Records

General Records (“Floater File”), 1947–1948 (A1, Entry 550)

Boxes 1–8

Correspondence and Other Records Maintained by Colonel David L. Robinson, Jr., 1945–1946 (A1, Entry 551)

Box 9

Correspondence and Other Records Maintained by Joseph M. Dodge, 1945–1946 (A1, Entry 552)

Box 10

Miscellaneous Correspondence and Other Records, 1945–1946 (A1, Entry 553)

Boxes 11–13

Miscellaneous Records

Records Pertaining to Policy and Procedures (“Policy File”), 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 555)

Boxes 21–40

Box # Selected File Title
22 Banking: Restitution of Looted Movable Assets
  Banking Committee: I.G. Farben
24 Claims by Military Missions on Behalf of Their Nationals
26 Decartelization: Deconcentration of German Economic Power, etc.
  Decartelization: Insurance Industry
27 Elimination of Excessive Economic Power in Insurance
28 I.G. Farben Report
29 Foreign Currencies and Securities Found in Germany
  Former German Economic Ministry: Liquidation of Funds of Former German Diplomatic Missions Abroad and Return of German Military Internees
30 Insurance
31 Insurance
33 Polish Property: Confiscation of Precious Metal Requirements for Germany
  Procedures for the Release of Non-German Securities Properties; Disposition of Reich-Owned Property of Interned Germans
35 Reparation
36 Report by the I.G. Farben Control Committee
  Restitution: Miscellaneous
  Restitution of Securities Restitutions
37 Securities: Non-German Release of Hungarian Gold Restitution History
38 Subcommittee for Insurance
  Subcommittee for Property Control
39 Swiss Property: German Owned

Miscellaneous Records Relating to Blocking, Cloaking, and Identification of Assets, 1944–1945 (A1, Entry 556)

This series contains files pertaining to Nazis traveling and closing out accounts; German control of banking in Europe; German financial activities in France; Safehaven reports on suspect companies; and Swiss law on blocking assets. Also included are numerous reports on Switzerland and ledgers written in German.

Boxes 41–43

Records Regarding Investigations

Records Regarding Bank Investigations, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 557)

This series consists of memorandums, letters, cables, reports, exhibits, newspaper clippings, and civil censorship intercepts on the financing of the German war effort and German financial institutions. The records include reports on Nazi gold, the use of Swiss banks, and links between German and Swiss banks, inclusive of Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Golddiskontbank, Dresdner Bank, and Reichs-Kredit-Gesellschaft. The investigations contain information regarding Aryanization, bank operations outside of Germany, industrial ties, liquidation proposals, and the restitution of Hungarian property.

This series is available on NARA Microfilm Publication M1923, Rolls 1–6.

Records Relating to Interrogations of Nazi Financiers, 1945–1947 (A1, Entry 558)

This series consists of interrogation reports and transcripts, exhibits, and questionnaires. Names included are Bernhard Berghaus, Alois Alzheimer, August von Finck, Eduard Hilgard, Kurt Schmitt, and Franz Schwede-Coburg. Also among these records are files relating to Carlowitz & Company and Japanese firms operating in Germany.

This series is available on NARA Microfilm Publication M1923, Rolls 6–8.

Financial Institutions Branch

Records Relating to Insurance and Central Bank Policies, 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 559)

Boxes 59–63

Box # Selected File Title
60 Activities of Berlin Insurance Companies Outside Berlin
  Berlin Insurance Companies
  Blocking Control, etc., and Insurance
  CC Law No. 57: Dissolution and Liquidation of Insurance Companies Connected with the German Labor Front I
61 CC Law No. 57: Dissolution and Liquidation of Insurance Companies Connected with the German Labor Front II
  Czechoslovakian Insurance Companies
  Correspondence: German Insurance Policies
  DAF Insurance Interests
  Death Risk Insurance
62 Foreign Insurance Companies: German Laws and General
  Insurance Companies in Berlin: Lists by Sectors
  Foreign Insurance Companies Operating in Germany
  War Risk Insurance Pool
63 Insurance Supervision: U.S. Zone
  Insurance Supervision: Berlin
  Insurance Committee: Agenda and Minutes
  Insurance: French Zone
  Insurance: Soviet Zone


General Records Regarding Financial Policies and Military Government Legislation

General Records Regarding Financial Policy and Legislation, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 560)

Boxes 64–77

Correspondence and Other Records Regarding Financial Policy and Operations, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 562)

Boxes 90–103

Records Relating to Specific Functional Policy Programs

Records Pertaining to the Allied Bank Commission, 1948–1949 (A1, Entry 567)

Boxes 125–126

Records Relating to External Assets, 1946–1948 (A1, Entry 569)

Box 130

File Titles:

  • Claims; Restitution
  • External Assets
  • Compensation
  • GEPC [German External Property Commission]: Agenda and Minutes
  • GEPC Material
  • Procedures for the Release of Non-German Securities located in Germany or held outside of Germany in the name of German Banks, which securities are owned by persons permanently residing outside of Germany
  • Switzerland

Records Relating to Financial Institution Policy, 1945–1949(A1, Entry 570)

Boxes 131–158

Records Relating to Foreign Exchange and Blocking Policies, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 571)

Box 159

Records Regarding the Foreign Exchange Depository [FED], 1947–1949 (A1, Entry 572)

Boxes 160–167

Box # Selected File Title and/or Subject
160 Auswanderungterel: Prague
  Authorizations for Assets Released by FED
  Claims, 1948–1949
  Claims Instigated by Publicity Given Non-Monetary Gold Turned Over to IRO [International Refugee Organization]
  Correspondence re Transfer of Funds Out of Germany
  Crown Jewels
  Currencies: Currencies Restitution
  Currencies Section: FED
161 Dachau Envelopes
  Disposition (Restitution) of Foreign Currencies and Securities Found in Germany
  Disposition of Valuables
  Eva Braun’s Assets [Note 54]
  Engraving Plates: German Currencies
  FED: FED Administration
162 FED Correspondence Since 1 March 1948
  FED Daily Reports (1948–1949)
  FED Monthly Reports (1948–1949)
  FED-IRO [International Refugee Organization]
  FED Item No. 3; FED Item No. 32
163 FED Releases, 1948; FED Releases, 1949
  FED Tripartite Commission
  Foreign Exchange Depository
164 Gold File (Brussels)
  Göring Jewels
  Foreign Exchange Depository, 1948
165 Hohenzollern Jewels
  Hungarian Gold
  Inquiries from Soviet Zone Concerning Stock Held in U.S. Zone
  International Bank for Reconstruction & Development
  Inventory of Certain Currencies & Securities
166 Investment Moratorium
  Krucken Case
  Pierre Laval Assets
  Licenses: Credit Lyonais
  Miscellaneous FEPG Policy
  Monetary Gold
  Monetary Gold, 1948–1949
167 Non-Monetary Gold Turnover of 5 September 1947
  Non Monetary Gold [Contains file 1/167/5 which contains SS Captain Melmer's statement [Note 55], cables, and complete inventory of items transferred to PCIRO [Note 56] in September 1947.]
  Precious Metals Other Than Gold and Silver
  Restitution of Coins
  Restitution of Monetary Gold
  Weekly Reports of Items Held at FED, 3 September 1948–22 April 1949
  U.S. Dollars: FED
  Reports Covering the Discovery, Removal, etc., of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Currency

Subordinate Agencies

Financial Intelligence Group

General Records, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 573)

Boxes 168–226

Records Regarding Intelligence and Financial Investigations, 1945–1949 (A1, Entry 574)

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Reports, balance sheets, memorandums, and civil censorship intercepts dealing with the gathering of financial information. Includes reports of bank statistics, lists of bank assets and balance sheets; material relating to policy decisions in the construction of local military government financial administrations; records concerning agricultural cooperatives; reports on bank investigations, including a "Report on the Investigation of the Deutsche Bank," dated November 1946, by the Financial Investigations Section, Finance Division, OMGUS; records, including exhibits and reports of interrogations, relating to denazification of German finance personnel; an interrogation report of former Reichsminister of Economics and Plenipotentiary for the War Economy Hjalmer Schacht; a report on the operations of I.G. Farben A.G., 1945; plans for Operation "Goldcup;" i.e., the seizure of Reich ministerial records; information relating to fiscal conditions in former German-occupied countries, and a report of banking in the Soviet zone.

This series is available on NARA Microfilm Publication M1925, Rolls 1–9.

Roll # Selected File Title
1 American Zone: Report of Selected Bank Statistics
  Augsburg: Personnel - Dismissals and Replacements
  Austrian Accounts Reconciliation
2 Balance Sheets of Land Control Banks
  Blacklist (Berlin) Working File
  Black List (Berlin): Working File
  Commerzbank Frankfurt: Stock Exchange
  Currency and Bank Statistics
3 Denazification
  Depositions and Interrogations
  Deutsche Bank: Report
  Deutsche Industriebank: List of Loan Accounts
  Dresdner Bank
4 Farben Report (I.G. Farben)
  Finance Statistics Meetings
  Financial and Economic Six-Month Review
5 Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  German Finance Personnel
  Hunke, Heinrich: Preliminary Interrogation
  Intelligence Information on Fiscal Conditions in Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Denmark
6 Intelligence Information on Fiscal Condition in Denmark
  Länder Reports Immediately After Currency Reform
  Munich Stock Exchange
  Nürnberg: Removal Orders for Personnel of Financial Institutions
  Potential Ministerial Personnel
7 Reichsbank Reports
  Interrogations of Ohlendorf
  Removal of Nazis and Militarists
  Russian Zone Banking
  Rüstungskontor GmbH
  Schacht, Hjalmar
8 Steel Industry Organization
  Stock Exchange and Stock Statistics
  Tax Revenues Worksheets
  Weekly Report of Activities (1948–1949)
  White List
  Wirtschaftsgruppe Rück- und Kreditversicherung (Munich Re-Insurance Company; Dr. Alois Alzheimer)
9 Working Party on Uniform Public Finance Statistics
  Württemberg-Baden: Interim Balance Sheets for Banks
  Year-End Statements

Reports of Assets and Liabilities of Insurance Institutions, 1947–1948 (A1, Entry 577)

Boxes 260–264

Internal and External Finance Group and Its Predecessors

Predecessor Branches

Correspondence and Related Records of the Foreign Exchange Policy Group, December 1945–August 1948 (A1, Entry 578)

Boxes 265–267

Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control Branch

The Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control Branch had as its responsibilities the blocking, administering, and disposing of certain categories of property within Germany, and of controlling the use of foreign exchange assets. In order to achieve the financial controls necessary for the attainment of Allied objectives in Germany, two basic laws were imposed upon the occupied areas of Germany and made effective as of the day of such occupation. These were Military Government Law No. 52 (Blocking Control Law) and Military Government Law No. 53 (Foreign Exchange Control Law). Having been in effect throughout the SHAEF occupation period, they remained in force in the U.S. Zone as well as the British and French Zones. Similar controls implemented by somewhat parallel laws were in effect in the Russian Zone.

The controls were put into effect to ensure German firms and individuals could not participate in international cartels or other restrictive contracts and arrangements. Military Government Law No. 53 prohibited any financial transactions involving persons inside Germany with any persons outside Germany, provided for the declaration of all German external claims, provided for the delivery and surrender of all foreign exchange assets to the various local Reichsbanks which in turn furnished full information concerning such assets to the Military Government, and prohibited the importation of all currency and foreign exchange assets into Germany and the exportation of all values from Germany. The law also contained provisions for the licensing of prohibited transactions, thus offering the possibility for a resumption of normal foreign exchange transactions, insofar as they were in accord with the objectives of the Military Government.

Military Government Law No. 52 was promulgated upon the occupation of Germany. This law blocked all property owned or controlled directly or indirectly in whole or in part by the Reich or any political subdivision or agency thereof, the Nazi Party and affiliated organizations, all persons who were high in the political and economic life of Germany, and persons residing outside of Germany. Moreover, property which had been the subject of transfer under duress or wrongful acts and confiscation was also blocked. The Law not only blocked the property but also gave to the Military Government the right to seize, take title to, and manage or control any such property. Another provision of the Law prohibited all transactions in blocked property except as licensed by the Military Government.

Records of the Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control Branch and of the Foreign Exchange Policy Group, 1945–1948 (A1, Entry 579)

Boxes 268–294

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
268 Absentee Ownership: Military Government Law 52
  Absentee Ownership
  Accounts Blocked Under Military Government Law 52
  Accounts Blocked Under Military Government Law 53
269 Administration of Military Government in U.S. Zone
  American Insurance in Foreign Countries
  Assets Allied In Germany
270 Austrian Securities
  Bank Accounts
  Bank Decentralization
  Bank Deutsche Laender
  Bank Land Control
271 Bank of England Account
  Banks and Financial Institutions
272 Belgium
  Blocked Accounts
273 Blocking Procedures
  Blocking and Unblocking of Funds and Property
  Business Interests in Germany
274 Cables
275 Claims
  Chronological File: Secret and Confidential, 1947
276 Confiscation
  Control Council
  Credit Instruments
  CROWCASS [Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects]
277 Currency Section
  Currencies and Securities
  Customs Studies
  Cutlery of F.W. Engles
278 Daily Reports
  Devisen (Foreign Exchange Laws in Germany)
  Digest for Germany and Austria
  Directives; Laws; Miscellaneous
279 Distribution of Foreign Currency
  Enemy Property Custodian
  Displaced Persons
  Disposal of Blocked Assets
280 Expelles
  External Assets
  I.G. Farben
281 Federal Reserve Bank (Fusion Agreement)
  Finance Bulletins and Ordinances
  Finance Directorate-General
  Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control Branch Finance Reports
  Finance and Property Control Section [Monthly reports]
282 Financial Personalities [Included is information from or about Dr. Sigfried Arndt, Freiherr Schenk zu Schweinsberg (von Schenk), Dr. Schone, Wilhelm Keding, Kurt Schmieder, Gerhard Knitter, J.H. Stein Bankhaus, Kurt von Schroeder, Friedrich Flick, Herman Roechling, Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, Hjalmer Schacht, Walther Funk, Albert Speer, Fritz Sauckel, Paul Korner, Dr. Karl Blessing, Dr. Friedrich Ernst, Dr. Otto Schniewind, and Herman Schmitz.]
  Financial Reports
  Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control History
  Foreign Exchange
  Foreign Exchange Depository: Frankfurt
  Foreign Exchange Assets
283 Funds
  German Debt
  German External Assets
  German External Property Commission
  German Intelligence Reports on Selected Subjects [Included are relations between the Reichsbank and private banks, notes on the personalities and work of the higher officials in the Reichsfinanzminsterium, notes on further aspects of German banking, the Reichsbank and its relations with other institutions, social insurance in Germany, Reichsgruppe Banken, war damage compensation in Germany, conditions in Germany (includes financial assets in Argentina), and Reinhardt Letter No. 10 for revenue officers.]
284 Germany
  Germany: Basic Policies
  Germany: Foreign Exchange Law
  History of Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control Branch
  Hungary: National Bank
  Import–Export Problems
285 Insurance
  Internal Restitutions
  Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees
  Interrogations [Two folders: One folder contains a 112 pp. transcript of record of financial interrogations of Herman Göring, Walther Funk, Schwerin von Krosigk, and Hans Lammers; the second contains numerous interrogations, including those of Emil Puhl during July and August 1945, and various interrogations of Hermann Göring during June and July 1945.]
286 Investigations
  Investments in Germany
  JCS 1067
287–288 Licenses and Licensing
288 Luxembourg
289 Military Government Directives
  Military Government Law No. 8
  Military Government Law 52
  Military Government Law 53
  Military Government Law 63
290 Military Government Ordinances and Functions
  Military Government Regulations
  Ministerial Control
  Ministry of Economics: Department IV
291 Miscellaneous Reports
292 Monthly Bulletin (Financial)
  OSS Documents
  Paris Conference Act
  Property Control, Blocking, and Freezing
  Reports: Military Government
293 Spain
294 12th Army Group: Reports: Germany
  U.S. Group Control Council
  Vesting Programs
  Welfare Agencies: Nazi Party

Internal and External Finance Group

General Records, 1947–1949 (A1, Entry 580)

Boxes 295–300

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
295 Banking (Blocked Accounts)
296 Reich Assets, Liabilities and Claims Disposition
297–298 Policy Files

Correspondence and Related Records Regarding Accounts, Assets, and Payments, September 1946–September 1949 (A1, Entry 581)

Boxes 301–304

Correspondence and Other Records Regarding Property Claims, 1948–1950 (A1, Entry 582)

Boxes 305–313

Correspondence and Other Records Regarding Licensing of Foreign Exchange Transactions, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 583)

Boxes 314–323

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
314 Assets: Allied: In Germany
  Bank Accounts
  Bank Deutscher Lander
  Bank Land Central
  Blocking From May 1
  Business Interests in Germany, 1948
315 Claims For Release of Securities
316 Decartelization
  Foreign Exchange Assets
  Foreign Exchange Depository
317–319 Licenses
321 MGAX
322 Property Inquiries
  Removal of Property
323 American Joint Distribution Committee
  Dutch Firms
  International Refugee Organization

Miscellaneous Records Regarding Credit and Trade Agreements, 1947–1950 (A1, Entry 584)

Boxes 324–327

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
324 Form MGAF-(3) Reports
  Foreign Exchange and Blocking Control
325 Foreign Exchange Control
  Germany Clearing System
  Foreign Trade Correspondence
  Minutes of Meetings
  Blocked Accounts
  Establishment of Banks
326 Trade Agreements

Records Pertaining to Payments and Military Government Accounts, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 585)

Boxes 328–353

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
328 Bank Accounts
328–329 Bank Deutscher Länder
329 Banking Facilities
  Banks: Foreign (Licensed to Operate in Germany)
  Banks: German
  Basic Policy
  Basic Policy: Finance Division
330 Blocking
331 Cables
332 Control Council Laws and Directives
333 Customs
334 Decartelization
  De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam
  Displaced Persons
  Economic Intelligence
335–336 Export–Import
337 External Assets
  Finance Directorate
338 Foreign Exchange Control
  Foreign Firms Operating in Germany
  Foreign Property Claims
339 Gold
340 International Military Tribunal
  International Refugee Organization
340–341 Joint Export–Import Agency
342 Library of Congress
  Military Government Laws
343 Military Government Regulations
  Paris Conference
343–344 Payment Agreements [Alphabetical by country]
344 Precious Metals
  Property Control
345 Reparations
346 Silver
  Export of Property and Goods From Germany
346–347 Staff Studies
347 Foreign Exchange Assets of United Nations Displaced Persons and Assimilees
347–348 Licenses and Licensing
349 Revision of Military Government Law 52
  Sale of Insurance Policies
  Unblocking of Accounts
  Swedish Accord
  Swiss Accord
351 Trademarks
351–352 Trade Agreements and Negotiations
353 USCC

Applications and Related Records for Special Licenses to Engage in Transactions Related to Blocked Property, 1945 (A1, Entry 586)

Boxes 354–387

Records Relating to Displaced Persons, 1946–1949 (A1, Entry 587)

Boxes 388–391

Box # Selected File Title or Subject
388 Displaced Persons, 1948
  Joint Foreign Exchange Agency
  Joint Export–Import Agency
  Absentee Ownership
  Germans From Czechoslovakia
389 Banking and Financial Institutions
  Bank: Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  Germans From Austria
  Germans From Hungary
390 Germans From Poland
  Germans From Rumania
  Germans From Russia
  Germans From Yugoslavia