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Researching Holocaust-Era assets at NARA can be a daunting task, in part because of the vast quantity of records, some 20 million pages of textual records (as well as nontextual records) directly or indirectly relating to Holocaust-Era assets. These records were created or compiled by over 30 federal agencies. Researchers using these records, first and foremost, must remember that the records follow or reflect functions and activities and are not, at the macro level, arranged according to subject; they are arranged by the entity that created or received the records. So researchers need to know which government agency or agencies were responsible for certain functions and activities. This information can be gained by various means, including, and especially, by looking at published and unpublished National Archives finding aids, by communicating with others involved in similar research, and using the research tools on NARA's website. Additionally, researchers should consult secondary literature. Besides providing information about subjects of interest, books, articles, and reports often provide specific citations to NARA's holdings. Researchers should also take the time to study the contents of these web pages as it will save them time later as they navigate NARA's holdings of records relating to Holocaust-Era assets.

Papers and speeches about doing research in the National Archives relating to Holocaust-Era Assets

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The Record, a newsletter put out by the National Archives and Records Administration, suspended publication with the September 1998 issue. 1998 issues are available online.

Holocaust-Era Assets: Conference & Symposium Papers & Proceedings

Papers and Proceedings relating to the National Archives and Records Administration's Holocaust-Era Assets Symposium and Conference held in December 1998.

Conference Proceedings

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Symposium Papers: December 1998